Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Married Again!

Last weekend we went to a marriage retreat in Myrtle Beach, paid for by the army Chaplains corp! We were provided, hotel, meals, and childcare for the sessions. We also had free family time. In the intro session, we played a little newlywed game. Jason and I were one of the 4 couple contestants.
My Questions about him:
#1. Jason's high school peers would have voted him most likely to _____________.

#2. If Jason were a superhero, would he be the "good guy" or the "bad guy"?

#3. What would Jason say is his best physical attribute?

My Answers:
#3. ABS

His Answers:
#1. "Um, I don't know....Party?"
#2. Bad Guy
#3. Ummm, my butt? (knowing full well, I was going to say Abs but he didn't want to sound
like he thought his abs were good.)

My questions and answers don't even matter because he didn't not get even one of them remotely right. It was an exercise to show the differences in the way men and women listen to each other.

At the end of the weekend, we had a vow renewal service. It was very informal but he thought it was important to renew our vows. It was a beach affair and we did it as a group. It was nice to make the promise again to spend forever together.

The walk from our condo had a family of ducks that Jackson chased every time we passed by. By the end of the weekend, I think the ducks had caught on and started chasing him instead.
Scuba Steve is about to hit the water park during family time. Lucky for us, they provided some extra childcare that happened to coincide with Lincoln's nap.

He did get to check out the sand in the afternoon. He liked the sand and the toys but the ocean was still a little scary. It kept coming up after him and he didn't like that.

You might wonder if that is Jackson or Jason in a retro picture 26 years ago. Man, those 2 are just alike!

This was the water park at our hotel. It was nice and pretty fun. I'm more a fan of the lazy river behind it. I guess the name says it all.


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  2. I totally missed this post. Glad you had a fun time and got a chance to renew your vows. We planned on going to our marriage retreat here but at the time Chase was way too little for us to be able to leave her for too long. Maybe we'll try again before we leave Europe. Free hotel in the Alps is always a big plus. The lobster roll shirts are way too cute, btw!

  3. That trip looked like a blast......the Air Force never offers marriage retreats....