Thursday, May 5, 2011

Queen of my Cardboard Castle

It ain't fun.
The boxes pile higher and higher.
You begin to think they will never be unpacked.
The picture above is my kitchen.
It is finally here! The glamorous move to Nashville.
Day 2 the boxes and furniture started flowing in and that's when it got really overwhelming. My house was turning into a cardboard castle. How was I ever going to unpack all those boxes while corralling those 2 boys....well...
While I was taking the crown throne of cardboard kingdom, the boys were doing things like

Because you see, they were in ALABAMA with my parents. After a little persuasion, we all decided the boys would be better off postponing their move until after the chaos had settled. Well, the cardboard chaos anyway!
They, including Roxy and Cotton, spent the week with Mom and Dad and I can't even begin to tell you what an incredible blessing that was. Jason and I worked from SUN up till past sun down on unpacking, moving and organizing. We are still far from being done but I think we can safely put away the sharpies and box cutters for now and bring the boys home.

We packed, up packed and repacked the garage area 3 times. The neighbors couldn't decide whether we were coming or going or both!
The first day, the movers came in with a 24 pack of bottled water and brownies compliments of my next door neighbor! How sweet! When I came to tell her thank you, she delivered me a bundt cake, homemade! Later in the afternoon, while bragging about her cake for lunch, she offered to cook lunch for me the following day. I might have met my neighborly match!
While we are quite different, I have a feeling we will get along just fine!
She is a native Iraqi. She has 1 boy and 3 girls. She can COOK! The next day while loading up the trailer for storage, she delivered a native Iraqi meal with chicken, rice, pickled salad, yogurt sauce and beans! It was different and fantastic!
I can see some Pioneer woman in her near future! Any suggestions?

I was going to bed amid the mess one night, I actually had to clear off the bed just to lay in it. I had to build a path to the bathroom so no nighttime injuries would occur. I looked over and in the windowsill sits THIS book. Isn't it IRONIC!
So most of the boxes are gone, some to storage, some to tornado victims in the Alabama areas hit by the April 27 storms and some are put away in my new kitchen. Thankful is when you see that your beloved washer and dryer WILL in fact fit in the laundry room provided. It was touch and go for a while and those are 2 machines no momma can do without! It's got some work to go and I've never seen so much WHITE in my life but since painting a rental isn't usually a good idea, I'll have to find other ways to insert color in my life until I can call another house MINE. For you that know my last house, this will be quite an adjustment for me.
Here is most of what's left of the boxes. We are equally as thankful that the trash comes on Tuesday so we can have 30% of our garage know, to store more STUFF!
Even the outside of the house needs a little more color in my opinion and THAT I can do something about. Lowes will be seeing me often over the next few weeks. Flowers, now that is the kind of moving I can really get into! And lucky for me, Lowes is only 5 miles away, come to think of it, Home Depot is only 1 mile away. And Target #1 is 4 miles, Target #2 is 6 miles...
Do you get it yet? We are close to EVERYTHING! That may be the very most exciting thing about this place. I can be anywhere in town in about 10 minutes. Now that's something I can get used to pretty quickly.



  1. Love it! Can't wait for our stuff - though I may be eating those words soon.

  2. Love the new house and your parents for taking care of the kids! We've been in our house for 3 months now and I'm still living with cardboard boxes. What a Godsent they are! And the thought of your new neighbor poking at Pioneer Woman's meatloaf while asking "what is this exactly?" is cracking me up.

  3. So happy for you and your family to be getting settled into your new home. We too just moved in January and I can totally feel your pain of the cardboard castle you are talking about. Funny that you mentioned how close everything is to you now. For those of us that have lived so far from everything before, can totally appreciate that. One thing I am most excited about my new TX rental is that Walmart and several other stores are in my back yard !!!
    Good Luck to you and your boys !!

  4. UGH!!! I have gotten to the point that I am no longer a fan of moving. I look forward to having some stability some day.

    The house is very pretty by the way. I can't wait to see the results of your Lowe's trips :-)