Thursday, May 19, 2011

Quick, Before the Coffee Runs Out

We are busy people here! We love Nashville and are really finding our place here. Here's a random and fragmented list of what's going on in the deFoor house. You can thank Lincoln for his 6am wakeup call for this blog. Otherwise, I'd still be sleeping. Cheers! (from the coffee mug)

I am really diving in to meet people around here. The playground that is across the street from our home has proven to be a haven for moms and nannies alike. Jackson's large window faces the playground from upstairs and every time he sees someone out there, he's putting his shoes on and ready to go! I met a sweet friend named Gretchen and she has since texted me for an afternoon at the park! Yay for mom friends!

I have also joined a MOMS club that has 64 SAHM's in it. They do A LOT of stuff and I think it will be fun and seem to keep us pretty busy this summer. That's a second hip, hip hooray for new friends!

We have met some of the neighbors too. Our next door neighbor is an Iraqi family. They have been SO incredibly sweet to us, bringing us brownies, donuts, water, and 2 of her countries meals. One included fish. A WHOLE fish, eyes included. It was interesting but everything else she has sent has been heavenly! She has 3 little girls that adore the boys and Roxy too!

We visited a new church this weekend. It is much like our last church except for one thing. The pastor is on TV, well, a screen anyway. This church has 4 campuses in Nashville and we have a campus pastor as well. It was a great church service and the kids LOVED LOVED the kids church. We are going to visit but I can see us going there. We just have to work on Jason laughing at the people when they raise their hand to answer the TV pastors questions. He chuckled to me on Sunday while saying, "Do they know he can't see them?"

We went to the Farmers Market on Saturday. It was a mini version of the great Raleigh one but it was about 7 minutes from our house! I LOVE this urban living! Ha-Urban living in middle TN...isn't that somewhat of an oxymoron?

I'm suffering from what my Northridge girls might say is a "Lack-O-wine" syndrome. Here in the bible belt, you can't just pick up your favorite red at the grocery store. Oh, no. You have to go to a package store for it. Ok, kids, load up! Mom's got to go to the package store for the booze. Leave it to TN to humiliate you for a nightly glass of vino!

I have a registered Kindergartner! Jackson has been registered at his school which I CAREFULLY spent my last 2 months in NC researching. I'm happy, ok, ecstatic to tell you it is the only 10 ranked public school in the entire county of Metro schools.

Lincoln is still obsessed with cows and his mama! He ends every single thing he says with mama. Snack, ma-ma! Cow, ma-ma! oh and then there is his newest favorite phrase..."doh tie, daa-ye" (Roll Tide, daddy) He says this to constantly remain in his dad's good graces. It works!

We have been busy little bees in our front yard. I think it is finally right where I want it. I love flowers and herbs and lucky for me, it rains here and things actually GROW!

I'm planning my garage sale route for the weekend. My yard sale dreams came true when an Internet friend shared a site with me.
It finds and maps the most efficient route for all the yard sales I might want to go to. All that's missing is Mari.

Pioneer woman made her comeback in my kitchen this week. She has helped me prepare Chicken Cacciatore and Chicken Taco's and both were successful. I also made my favorite little bistro's coleslaw and it's one I need to share, it's healthy and mayo free! It will be a hit at your next cookout, try it!

There is so much to do here, both in our house and out in the town that I hardly ever spend time on the computer anymore. Most of my blogs are composed in my head and some of them are never being written. Must work on that, but not at the expense of sleep.
Goodnight ya'll.


  1. Thanks for the updates, Jamie. I sure do miss you all. I am so glad you are at such a wonderful place.

  2. It sounds like everything is going great! SO glad for you guys!
    I loved Jackson's comment in the last post...
    "I dream of this place!" Adorable! That will be E in a few months!