Thursday, May 26, 2011

Ripe and Ready!

This week, we joined my MOMS group on a journey to the strawberry farm. This was no NC strawberry patch. No way! This was a working farm complete with goats, chickens and COWS!

Little Lincoln was in heaven.

He has a thing for cows.

The ones that go Mooooo and drink water.

Those are actually his favorite 3 words. Cow, Mooo, water.

He has been known to put them into song. Ok, back to the farm.

So Jason drove us an HOUR away to the strawberry patch. I didn't mind the drive so much as we approached the Kentucky line and the green rolling hills nearly blinded us. We have been browned out in NC with all the sandy soil. We forgot how green things can be. Jason made fun of me on the way up because I brought my rain boots for the picking. I knew the mass amounts of rainfall we have had and I wasn't going to chance messing up my pedicure. Well, as we drove up, he regretted his flip flop decision. The strawberry fields were like rice fields with beautiful and bountiful red fruit just waiting for us. After a picnic with the other moms, we got a head start on our strawberries. Jackson and I waded the water to get all the best strawberries. 3 FULL baskets later, we had enough strawberries to share with the entire street. And that is just what we did! I made 2 strawberry pies and delivered 2 large bowls of strawberries to the nice neighbors we have made friends with. The rest will make for delicious smoothies this summer. Lucky for us, this farm also grows blueberries! I see a return trip coming in July! We LOVE some ber-berries, as Lincoln says!

Hooray for rainboots!

"This is how you do it, Lincoln"
Lincoln is running from the goat after it tried to eat his sailboat outfit!

This is his "kissy-face," how can anyone resist?

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