Wednesday, May 25, 2011

We Belong!

We are settling into our new home here in Nashville and really enjoying it. It is a smaller house and I have found that smaller house means more mess, or at least less places for it to go.
I have made several new friends and Jason has met some of their husbands. We went to the city wide picnic last weekend with a couple friend and ended up taking our 3 toddlers with us for a sushi dinner. It was adventurous to say the least.

Last Thursday was a great day weather wise (unlike tonight and tomorrow where I am having anxiety over the severe weather heading this way.) So we made our way to the Nashville Zoo. We have visited here before and I knew it was a great zoo and we would like to be members. A friend of mine had given us a referral to use for a discount and combined with a military discount a yearly membership was really affordable! We now belong to the zoo. Well, we don't belong TO the zoo although I have considered donating my kids at various times and its still not out of the question. The playground at this zoo is worth the membership alone. Its a fantastic wooden play structure that the kids just love. {it is note worthy that I, the blogger, did not forget to take great photos of the kids at this lovely park and zoo. No, they were on Jason's phone which is now out of commission so zoo photos will have to wait until our next visit.}
Then on Friday, Jason caved and got us a membership to the Mid-Tennessee YMCA! It is a really great gym. By really great I mean 40+ treadmills complete with built in TV's and an impressive schedule of any classes you can think of. They also have a great wolf lodge style indoor pool,87 degrees, no sunscreen required! And if that wasn't enough, all my mommy friends also go there! They have great childcare too. So all in all, it's pretty great. I did a 530am class on Monday. Since then, I haven't been able to scale the stairs in our house without a significant amount of pain. I might be able to rejoin my fitness peers tomorrow.

I think we are getting along pretty well in the city. Thanks to the GPS in the phone, we never get lost and always find our way home. We like it here. It's SO GREEN! Everything grows so well here. If you know us, you shouldn't be surprised but we have done LOTS of work in the yard. It looks great now and I'm pleased with the way it all turned out. We have families coming in this weekend and next week. We're still not sure where we are going to put them but we are glad they are coming to visit! Who's next? We are taking reservations for the Music City!


  1. If you get reservations at the zoo for your 2, then put E's name on the list too!
    Glad things are going well!

  2. I'm so happy you are settling in well in your new home!