Sunday, May 29, 2011

Second Birthday, Twice as happy!

Little Lincoln is living proof that the second child never gets quite the same treatment as the first. Although he is just as loved! His birthday was Thursday and he turned 2! We didn't have a themed birthday party and invite all of his friends. Well, he only has about 2 friends right now and he shares both of them with his older brother. But what more could a 2 year old want than a tricycle from a garage sale and a trip to Chuck E. Cheese with his favorite 3 people in the world! It was still a drastic improvement for him over his birthday party last year. He is much happier with us and life in general! We're still planning a family celebration (including a theme and fabulous cake!) but his actually birthday didn't even include a cake. Hey, these kids don't need anymore sugar than they already consume on a daily basis. Can't an afternoon popcicle count for something! So we printed the coupons and made the trip to meet the mou-f (mouse). It was a pretty fun little intimate party. He ran around placing coins into the slots and then walking away. He liked to get away from me. He didn't, however, like the mou-f (mouse). When the giant mouse made his appearance on stage, he clung to me like I was his mama! We ate pizza and allowed orange soda to be consumed in mass amounts! They boys did participate with the other children following the mouse in a adorable version of cupid shuffle. Lincoln even tried to follow the left right directions and he knows how to move! When we had accumulated around 600 tickets, we called it a night and redeemed them for some very valuable prizes. Lincoln scored a miderman (spiderman) ball for his birthday gift from his big brother. I'm sure they acquired some other treasures but those didn't end up getting out of daddy's truck with us. I'm not sure WHAT could have happened to those tiny frogs and spider rings?!?Hmmmm.....

I can hardly believe my baby is TWO! I often recall when I started this blog I was about 36 weeks pregnant with him.

Lincoln's driving the "oh, wow"!
Lincoln will be our little athlete. The boy's got an ARM on him!
This looks WAY too much like my five year old sitting at a slot machine. In essence, I guess it kinda is. So where's the payout?

Here is Lincoln, clinging for dear life in fear of the giant rat in front of us!
A two year old's dream dinner! Pizza and Soda! But in my defense, there was no other refined sugars consumed during this birthday dinner.
Winner, Winner, Pizza Dinner!
Ok, let's see here, who is having more fun?

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  1. Happy belated birthday, Lincoln! I'm glad you had a great time. And don't worry, the Mouf creeps me out, too.