Sunday, May 6, 2012

What's good for the goose....

It was the witching hour and we HAD to get out of the house.  I had promised the little if he took a nap then there would be duck feeding this afternoon.  He obliged (unwillingly).So when the after school fighting began, we loaded up and headed to a bit of a nostalgic place.  Most people don't know but my dad worked for 18 years right here in Nashville. He commuted weekly along with 4 other men from North Alabama.  One of his apartments, the one I remember visiting and possibly the nicest was this one, about 2 miles from where we currently live.  It was a bit newer and nicer then than now but it is still a beautiful place and there are still hungry ducks and geese to be fed! I can remember swimming in the pool and walking around the same ponds while my dad worked and mom had brought us up to Nashville when we were kids.  Now, I was here brining my two children and it was a full circle moment.    I knew we could just stand still and the geese would come to us but  Jackson was sure he'd seen babies when we drove in so we walked around the corner to the next pond where sure enough, there were 3 little goslings with their mom and dad.  I am always truly  amazed at how the geese mate for life.  Why can't humans seem to grasp that concept?  Like any mother and father, these parents were protective of their littles.  They would hiss and honk at us when we got too close or turn on Lincoln when he chased after them.

.  Speaking of,  he had  a few freak out moments when the geese would get a bit over aggresive in their attempt to get the bread he was toting around.  A few times, he got a little to far away from me and went into panic mode as the geese tried to snatch the bread right out of his little hand.  We encountered one particularly fussy mom when we walked by her nest of big baby eggs.  

We heard the dinner bell ring and headed home after a trip up the waterfall.  The boys loved hearing the stories about when I came here as a little girl and where their paw paw used to live.  It was a fun little outing and so much better than the nearest park!  I even enjoyed it myself.

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