Saturday, May 24, 2014

Daily dose of Adorable

There isn't a day that goes by that we don't have an impromptu photo shoot around here.  With the help of my trusty iphone, Lillian is possibly the worlds most photographed child!  My mom lives in one part of Alabama and my sister in the other and I"m here in Texas, it's imperative that they get a photo daily.  Otherwise, how would they see what this adorable baby is wearing on a daily basis.  

I don't know that I'll ever get tired of making her picture.  It still thrills me to death when she smiles at me.  My mom jokes with me that I have my own little baby doll but seriously.  We play dress up, swap headbands and play "house" together every day.  Sounds a lot like a living baby doll to me!  So many of the outfits she's wearing are over 30 years old. They were mine and my sisters when we were babies.  Mom kept them all and now our daughters are getting to wear them!  I love to see her in these vintage pieces!

We are really enjoying bathtime these days.  At first, she thinks i'm trying to scald her, even if the water isn't hot!  She soon realizes that she likes it and starts cooing at me.

It's hard to believe 2 months have passed.  Lady Lillian did better on her 2 month photos than she did her first!  
She's a pretty cute chick!
Right now she's waking up once a night around 3-5am and then getting up around 7am.  She's usually back down for a nap by 8:30am.  She prefers to eat every 2ish hours in the daytime but she's a FIRM believer in her self imposed 8pm bedtime.

Baby blue eyes!  I don't know if she'll keep the blue eyes but for now, i sure love looking into these baby blues!
This bubble suit was mine, probably at around 6 months.  

I'm telling you right now, this is the sweetest, most cuddly, loving smiling happy little baby girl ever!  She loves to be close and closer to you.  She smiles with a big open mouth first thing in the morning and she thinks the baby in the mirror is EXTRA cute!
We recently started taking mother daughter selfies and it's become a bit of a habit.  I'm pretty sure you'll be tired of them before long.  I'll try to refrain from publishing too many of them but I can't make the same promises about cute photos of her.

But when you're this cute, how can you help it?  

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