Friday, May 2, 2014

Baby Blue Bonnets

 I made a decision last year about this time that I would be one of those moms.  The ones who live in Texas and drag their children to the bluebonnet fields to make their photos.  At the time I didn't know the baby would be a part of the portrait but I'm sure glad she is!  Every April, the entire state of Texas erupts in a blissful blue color.   It isn't just in remote locations.  It's everywhere.  On early every curb and side street, there are these vibrant purple/blue wild flowers.  I joined numerous groups that followed the peak bloom times of the beloved flowers.  I was very hesitant to drag my 2 wild boys into the wild flowers and hand them my precious Lillian.  I knew it had to be done but I would be the unpaid photographer of these three and I had to build up the courage.  One Friday evening, I was starting to panic that I would miss the short blooming window so I laid out clothes, I made appropriate pleas and threats and bribes and we took off.  Not only is there a short bloom window but there is also only a 20-30 minute window when the lighting is just perfect.  I joined about 10 other families making photos of children in our local bluebonnet field.  I handed out "smile sweetly" and don't drop your sister orders and did the best I could.  It's not Lillian's favorite time of day and the boys just don't hold her close enough for her liking.  I was pretty pleased with what I came up with in 20 minutes with two brothers and a baby!

 A week or so later, we drove into Brenham where the Blue Bell factory is located.  I had always heard that this was THE place to see the wildflowers in bloom and it was more than I had even imagined.  As I drove along the highway, I could hardly believe my eyes as there were fields like the ocean full of vibrant blue.  As we drove along, some of the fields had orange or yellow also.  These were some of the most beautiful flowers I had ever seen.  It had me thinking about what an amazing artist our God is.  He effortlessly paints the earth with color!

We stopped in an empty lot and made these pictures on our trip to Brenham. The orange flowers are called Indian Paintbrushes and are also a type of wildflower that blooms this time of year.  They are often found together.  It's just an amazing sight to see.  We have a guest room and know the way if you'd like to join us next year!  

This is a photographer that I follow and I couldn't resist sharing this one.  I hope to have a more successful photo shoot of my trio next year but I better start preparing myself now!  

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