Saturday, May 10, 2014

Take a little Trip

"I will survive, as long as I don't loose a kid, I know I'll be alive"  -this was my theme song when I attempted my first flight with all three children...alone.  I spent all week worrying and preparing for it.  I asked my moms group for prayers.  I meditated on the treadmill and stair climber.  It wasn't just the flying part that worried me.  It was the fact that some IDIOT (me) booked us a flight out of Hobby at 7am.  It takes an hour to get to Hobby in NO traffic(and that doesn't happen in Houston).  Rush hour put a whole new spin on it.  We're talking up and out the door at 4:50am!  I took on some drastic measures to ensure we were out the door on time.  I laid out everything.  I put most of the bags in the car the night before.  I packed all our breakfasts.  The boys slept in the clothes they would travel in.  I considered having them sleep on the couch as well.  As soon as I woke them up at 4:30, they chirped, "I'm not even tired!  Why am I not tired?"

On the first flight, I giggled about the flight attendant giving her spill about our "designer" yellow oxygen masks.  Lillian was all smiles on the plane and the minute we took off, Lincoln slumped over on the blanket.  4am is tough when you're 4 years old.

Oh, did I forget to say that our flight wasn't direct?  Nope.  We were flying Houston-Orlando-Memphis.  Ugh, a layover with kids, and bags, and strollers.  And, worst of all, I HAD to take a bathroom break on one of the flights.  Think it isn't possible to use a tiny airplane lavatory while wearing your baby in the Ergo?  Been there, done that!

They were pretty good and watched all the planes take off and land.  It was funny to be in Orlando and not have any intention of going to Disney World.  This is as close as we get for now.  I learned how to quickly clear a bench to feed your baby.  Ask to sit at the end of a bench with unsuspecting male.  Then proceed to nurse the baby and watch as he gathers his things and moves along.  It was humorous especially since I was very discreet.

This trip home was so that my family could meet baby Lillian.  She was 7 weeks old and we had her a little meet and greet to introduce her.  She is blessed by so many that love her and wanted to get a look at my pretty little girl!  

The shower was A-Mazing!  I mean every single detail!  It rivaled most wedding receptions.  My mom, My Aunt Janie, Shannon and Ms. Marie; the way these women love us is beyond belief!  So thankful for them!

The boys crashed the shower and had a big time.  Lincoln was even heard saying, "This is a FUN wedding!"

Besides introducing Lillian, my reason for going home was to see this sweet girl!  Allie Gray is a mess!  I wish I could see her more but I think I made a good impact while I was there!  I could make her smile and we shared quite a number of jelly beans when her mom wasn't looking!  She thinks I look a lot like her mom and I'm funny!

It was Easter Sunday and Mom and Dad had the whole family at church.  This is how Allie Gray sat with her Lincoln!  When I asked Lincoln what he knew about Easter Sunday he said, "Jesus rose again 30 days later!"  We must work on our concept of time.

 Nothing says easter lunch like pizza at the park!  It was a fun outing and MUCH cheaper than going out!

This is MY aunt Janie.  She set the aunt bar pretty high for me.  She's very special to me and my boys are no different.  We still fight over who gets to sit by Aunt Janie!

Allie Gray likes me but she LOVES her Jackson.  He loves babies and Allie Gray is just his size!

Ok, so Allie Gray wasn't having anything to do with a group Easter shot.  We tried!  This was the best we got.  Seriously.  I think it sums it up quite nicely!

We attempted a swim at the local Marriott hotel.  The kids didn't seem to mind but the water was FRIGID!  
 Lillian just wanted a reason to rock her new tiny tutu bikini!

I DID manage to survive the trip.  I even made it home with all three children.  We had to stop over in Chicago on the way home to Houston.  Craziest flights ever but the kids, they were angels both ways.  All my worry was for nothing.  Either I'm a rockstar mom(not likely), I have awesome kids(sure, when they are sleeping) or I'm one lucky devil because it wasn't just uneventful, I'd venture to say it was even easy.  Now remind me of that when Lil is 4 or 8 months old and cries the whole time but this time, she was perfect and they walked a straight line.  

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