Friday, May 9, 2014

Spring Favorite Things

I'm no Oprah but I do have strong opinions on my favorite things!  Most, sadly, are food and beauty related so we can see where my priorities lie. I never claimed I wasn't shallow and sometimes self centered.   I can handle being shallow when you get to indulge in these things!

1. Trader Joes Dark chocolate Almonds.  There may or may not be 3 containers of these in my pantry right now.  They are covered in dark chocolate and rolled in sea salt and turbinado sugar.  Sweet, Salty delicious!
2.  This jumped into my cart at the new "mother of all Kroger" stores. It's made here in Katy, TX.   It was like $6 for a pint jar.  When I got it home, Jason and I cracked it open to try it.  We then examined the bottom of the jar (we devoured ALL of it!) and tried to budget how we were going to continue to enjoy this delicacy without taking out a loan.  There was only one way.  We had to learn how to make it.  Wouldn't you know google found us someone else who found themselves in our predicament and they did the leg work for a base recipe.  We spent the next 2 days with our vitamix testing out the recipe.  I have since made about 4 batches.  Each turn out a little better than the previous one.  All of the neighbors approve. It's a delicious and refreshing cucumber based salsa.   If you'd like to try your hand at it, you can find the recipe I used here.  

3. TJ's Coconut Body Butter.  This stuff is fabulous!  I've learned by now if my friend Mari tells me to get something, get it!  She's never led me wrong and this was no exception.  This is good stuff!  So good, I flew it to Alabama to give to my family when I went home last month.  

4.  Paper thin crackers.  Another one of those jumped into my cart items from the "new products" shelf at trader joes.  I can't pronounce the name but I can take down a box of these crackers!  They are tissue paper thin and delicious!
5.  Decoy Wine.  The first time I had this was my 10 year anniversary.  We at dinner at Giovanni's Nashville.    It was delicious and I'm not even a wine snob.  Then after Lillian was born our friend Kelly brought us a bottle and I immediately tasted it and knew it was the same one.  I like to think I'm terrific at distinguishing middle class wine.  If you're looking for a new one to try, it's a winner.

6.  PeterThomasRoth Un-Wrinkle Illuminator- Moisturizer, skin brightener and anti-aging!  I'm finding I need more and more moisturizer the older I get. (ugh, did I just admit that?)   I use daily sunscreen also but this seems to have great highlighting effects.  I'm not saying it makes me look 10 years younger but I like the way it looks under my make up.

7.  Jamberry Diamond Dust Sparkle- In trying to deny the above admission, these sparkle nails DO make me feel 10 years younger and I don't care how old I get, I'm not outgrowing the glitter.  Even better is the fact that they last!  I've had mine on for well over a week and they still look awesome.  Take THAT nail polish!  Need some?   My friend Rachel can hook you up here!

8.  My Soda Stream-This may have been on my last list of favs but if so it deserves it again.  Jason got this for me at Christmas and none of us knew how much we would love it.  I had pretty much quit drinking soda but was consuming a lot of sparkling water.  This makes it for me for pennies!  It might be called a SODA stream but bubbly water is where it's at at this house!  
 I add this True Lemon to my bubbly and it taste better than Perrier water!
 9.  My current Mascara of choice.  This is Diorshow and it has been recommended numerous times.  I finally caved and bought it and I do think I like it.  I'm not convinced it tops Smashbox but it's a close race.

10.  Cookies and Cream Quest bars.  Seriously.  These are so good, I recently re-read the ingredients list and tried to figure out how they could possibly be good for you as well.  I've always heard "if it taste good...spit it out".  These are divine!  And they are actually good for you.  I love them and feel like I'm getting away with cheating when I have one.  

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