Thursday, May 29, 2014

Pomp and Circumstance

Look out world, or at least Kindergarten!  Lincoln is moving on up!  He graduated from pre-K last week with honors.  Ok, there were no official honors but if there were, I'd say he'd at least get "best looking!"  There's always "cutest dimples" or "most charming".  He'd be a candidate for those also.  Lincoln went to preschool at Woodsedge where we went to church for the past year.  We were SO lucky to have what I believe were the best teachers in the program.  They had 30 years of combined preschool experience.  They loved Lincoln but then again, who doesn't?  He can/does charm anyone and everyone he meets.  
What is it about that song "Pomp and Circumstance" that always seems to invoke tears.  It's a mixed feeling of pride and sadness of a time that has passed.  I'm proud that Lincoln started not completely knowing his letters, hardly knowing their sounds and is now reading sight words and learning to sound them out.  He can also write his full name!  I'm sad that the 4 short years I have at home with him are almost over and he will now spend the majority of his day with someone other than me.  I tell him on a regular basis that I'm going to keep him home next year because without him, I'll have no one to open doors for me and no one to eat lunches with me.  

This handsome guy has grown from grumpy baby to an independent explorer.  He can melt your heart before you even know what hit you.  He's "the pick", just ask his Nana.

Ms. Sue and Ms. Catherine were wonderful caring teachers that helped Lincoln blossom in learning by making it fun and memorable.

Lincoln and his friend Julia.  She's also our neighbor so we see her often and we carpooled with her since the babies were born.

 Hat's off to the future class of 2027!  The future is yours!

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