Sunday, May 25, 2014

What's happenin' hot stuff?

We had a hibachi lunch a few sundays ago.  When he was done cooking, Jackson told him he wanted to take lessons.  He gave an impromptu one right there.  Lincoln mastered the "egg roll" and then smashed it on the grill.  

This sweet face picked these flowers as we walked home from taking Jackson to school.  I thought they were for me.  Nope, as it turns out, they are for his sweet sister, Lillian!  I can see why people think he's simply irresistible!  

Jackson picked out his own clothes for school the other day (I usually lay his clothes out).  I thought he looked SO cute in his white shirt and his Vandy jersey.  I can see him having a future as a commodore!  

Lincoln's preschool had muffins with mom last week.  Dad was here to watch Lillian so it was just Lincoln and I!  He probably enjoyed the muffins as much as the time with mom but it was still cute!  

These things are my FAVORITE!  I love to hear what your kids think about you.  At least I'm a spring chicken, I'm sweet and I do love rainbows!

This kid.  Chased down and caught 2 frogs.  One for each hand!  All boy!

I had brought the bouncy seat downstairs to give my arms a little break from baby Lillian.  I came home from the gym to find THIS.  Lucy has climbed into the seat and made it her bed instead.  But she looks so cute, I don't want to make her get down.

Looked back and saw this in the backseat of my car!  Sweetness.

The Woodlands Pools have opened ! Weekends until June 4th but we will take it!  We have already made 2 trips and it's nothing short of FUN!
We were cleaning and playing trains in the playroom and I asked Lincoln to hold his sister.  She looked so big sitting up beside him.  These two are just the cutest!
This was Jackson's first time at the pool this summer.  He didn't waste any time hitting the diving board and jumping in!  Remember the days when we didn't care about how COLD the water was?  Yeah, I'm too old for that now.

It was career day at school and this guy woke up well before our normal time because he couldn't wait to wear this to school.  He asked every minute until 8:30 if he could leave yet.  He was so excited for his friends to see his dads uniform.  His career was Army and the way he was going to get there was by going to West Point!  While I'm unsure about sending my firstborn into the Army, I know I'd be the parent with the biggest smile (and the most tears) on R-day!  He would be a legacy so it could happen!

Dad left his camo hat.  Jackson was wearing it when he caught this little fellow and put him on the hat!  He thought it was funny to put a lizard on pawpaw's hat!

I looked out the front door glass the other day and this is what I see on the porch.  It made me gasp and giggle at the same time.  What in the world is this cat doing? 

And that's what's been going on in defoor life via iphone photos.  

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