Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Breakfast with the Big Guy

It's funny how the Big guy doesn't seem so scary when you're two big brothers are between you.  She was still skeptical but this was as close to Santa's lap as she was going to get!  We had breakfast with Santa at Brio with our neighbors and families!  Sawbridge Party of 13 for breakfast!  We had our own private room and with 7 children among us, I'm not surprised!  The breakfast here is fantastic and there is NO line to see Santa.  I might have mentioned I once stood in a line to visit Santa.  I vowed then and there to Never do it again!

While we bought eggs for Lillian, she mostly ate candy canes for breakfast!  Oh to be a kid again!

That look you see?!  That's the look of a 6 year old caught RED HANDED about to drink the last of the syrup.  Smirk huh?  

After breakfast we made a quick trip into the mall.  I do mean quick because the last place you want to be on a Saturday before Christmas with 3 kids is the MALL!  We rode the carousel and browsed a tiny bit before getting the heck outta dodge!

I love this pic!  She's got them right where she wants them!  She counts to 3, they swing her up.  Or do pretty much anything else she wants also!  She's the boss around here!

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