Friday, December 25, 2015

Criddle, Twinkle little elves...

Criddle is back but he's not alone!  This year, Twinkle, the girl elf joined him to keep an eye on our sweet Lillian.  Her job is pretty easy since Lillian is always good!  Ha!  They made their debut in real style this year!  We were spending the night at the Opryland Hotel in Nashville, TN when Aunt Janie woke up to breakfast with the elves in her room!  These elves know a thing or two about style when it comes to throwing a breakfast bash!  But Criddle and Twinkle were joined by a few extras as well!  Their cousin elves were with them as they were sledding through the hotel on chocolate bars!  And that's not all, even the Grinch showed up to welcome the elves to town this year!  The balcony at the hotel was the perfect spot to enjoy the elf pancakes!

Criddle and Twinkle enjoyed many hi jinks this year and again got to participate in  Jackson's birthday celebration with a sign and string of lights across the kitchen!  They broke out the silly string again which was a crowd favorite!  The elves had the unfortunate experience of being touched by a too little to understand one year old this year.  She just wanted to hold them and push them around in her stroller!  So they both had a day to sip on cinnamon to make them feel better!

We will miss these guys this year and  look forward to their return next year to hang out with us for the month of December!

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