Friday, December 25, 2015

Ren-fest is the Best!

We found time to squeeze in the Ren-fest this year!  It was dicey with our cruise but we knew we wanted to go and the weather was just perfect so we took advantage and went!  I had bought these flower halo's earlier in the year in anticipation of this event.  I knew Jason wouldn't dress up but that didn't mean we couldn't!  I mean I'll take any chance I get to put flowers on Lillians head and make her pictures!

We did all the necessary people watching and carnival food consuming that you do at the Renaissance Fest.  We also made it through a new area to us. The gardens ended up being really pretty and the people watching is always an added bonus!

The boys got to ride a camel.  The fact of the matter is that the camel was cheaper and the line was shorter than the elephant so a camel was it!  What difference does it really make anyway?  They both smell bad and it's on the verge of cruel to make them give squirrely kids carnival rides.

Our last account at the Ren-fest can be found here.

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