Friday, December 18, 2015


Now that it's nearly Christmas, I thought it was high time to blog about what we did in October.
Cause that's how we roll.
Lincoln's class FINALLY had a field trip!  We've been at the school for 3 years and they have had NO field trips, which really bothered me because that's what I remember most about elementary school...that and snack are about ALL I remember from elementary school come to think of it!

We went to the Oil Ranch and little sister came along.  Her absolute favorite thing was the petting zoo!  She loved all the "doggies"!  We rode a train, bounced on a pillow, rolled in some barrels and Lincoln mastered the rope climb and we milked a real cow!  We were visiting the second petting zoo when things took a turn for the worst, Lillian was loving (read: chasing) a baby sheep when the momma sheep decided to give her a little warning nudge (read: knock her to the ground swiftly).  It freaked me out, it freaked Lincoln out and Lillian nearly lost her mind!  It was on hay so she landed pretty softly luckily but you can bet she didn't let me put her down the entire rest of the time we were there.

I know, I know, my days of themed dress up are fading fast but this one was kinda their idea and we just so happened to fall into it!  We have here Mario, Luigi and Princess Peach.  A nod to the old NES system that Jason and I had as a child then our boys bought one last year to play!  Our friend Jack came to Texas to trick or treat also and his Allie is a sweet Tinkerbell!

It took zero convincing to get her to walk up and ask for Candy.  She's a natural really!

She also wasted NO time eating it.  She had a mouthful at any given time.  Mom had to choose her candy carefully. The boys knew all smarties went into her bag!

Being the dad to a little girls isn't so bad is it Jason?  At least not YET...

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