Wednesday, April 5, 2017

25 days of Christmas Dresses

Yes, it's a THING.
We celebrate Christmas nearly all year long but it doesn't have to be a hot second after thanksgiving before we start wearing all our Christmas attire.  As people would comment on my social media posts of her numbered days of Christmas dresses, Jason said "you know, that's not really something to be proud of.  A dress for every day of Christmas is a little much!"  
Does he simply not know who he married or did he underestimate the extent of my love for children's fashion?  Either way Christmas and girls dresses are MY happy place.  And I'm not alone.  There's a whole group of women who join me every December in dressing their stylish offspring to celebrate the 25 days of Christmas.  
At my house it's not uncommon to hear Christmas music in July but we try to keep the fashion until at least the end of November.  
If you need proof there is more just check out #25daysofchristmas or #25daysofbstchristmas.

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