Saturday, April 22, 2017

Wine Country Weekend

All I wanted for my birthday was a trip to wine county in Texas. I'd been hearing about the charming town of Fredricksburg since we moved to Texas and it was on my Texas bucket list.  
My dad happened to be in town around that time and it was the perfect opportunity to sneak away for a birthday trip.  

When we headed out we started looking at the route and realized we'd drive right through Dripping Springs, TX where my new favorite vodka was distilled.  Vodka and wine trip makes for an even better birthday!  We had an assortment of drinks at the Deep Eddy's distillery before making our way on into wine country.

The terrain starts to change quite a bit as you enter into Hill Country.  It looks so different from our little corner of the world to be only 2 hours a

Fredricksburg is a cute little German town with wineries you can walk to door to door among other touristy shops and restaurants.  We spent the evening there since we could walk from our hotel.  

The next day was Sunday and since the wineries opened a little later, we made a pit stop in Luckenbach, Texas.  It wasn't quite what I would have expected but now we can say we have been!  

Next stop was the most famous and likely our favorite winery.  Grape Creek is one of the largest in Fredricksburg.  We took the tour of the grounds and learned a bit about their wine making processes before going to the tasting room to sample a few of their latest blends.  

We got to try several wines aged differently straight from the barrel.

I really enjoyed seeing the vines growing along the hillside.  

But what I really loved is 24 hours with this guy and a couple glasses of vino!  
This view was spectacular.  Perdanales Vineyards boasts the best views in the Hill Country and you can see here why!  

The last winery we visited was a newer vineyard called compass rose.  The customer service there was superb.  They had a great patio and even a friendly mascot!

On the way out, we happened upon another distillery.  This time it was whiskey and Jason couldn't resist stopping.  Garrison Brothers is now one of his favorite whiskey brands!  

We headed home but vowed to come back again, even bringing the kids to do a little more exploring of the nature around the area.  It was a great way to celebrate my birthday!  

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