Wednesday, April 5, 2017


It isn't Christmas without a little Criddle and Twinkle to sprinkle a little magic and mischief into the season!  The kids are always thrilled when the elves show up and make breakfast. This year was a little later than in years past, I think they got hung up making some last minute toys in the North Pole and had to work a little overtime.  
When they came, they brought breakfast for both the kids AND themselves.  They brought tiny little elf sized donuts that were a big hit among the deFoor kids.

The elves even brought pjs for the children AND special matching pjs for Lillian's Bitty Baby.  She was a little overwhelmed at first but she quickly learned to jump up and look around for the elves until she found it.

The elves were clearly overworked in the North Pole this season and their daily antics showed their lack of motivation sometimes.  They are also getting on up in age and we all know how things slow down when you are over 30 (in elf years of course).

Yep, he had to make one appearance this season.  Lillian knew better than to touch the elves.  She did it anyway and Lincoln was devastated. See, Lincoln remembers what happens when you touch the elves and he was trying to protect sweet Lillian.  He's a mean one.  Mr. Grinch.

Can we talk about how adorable this is and the fact that it came with bribe money is epic!  Lincoln has the sweetest heart and it's easy to see what people love so much about him!

Lincoln and his dad were growing Crystals and the elves were very interested in the expiriment that was going on on top of the fridge.  I just hope they don't report the dust level up their to Santa.  I'll be on the naughty list for SURE!

The elves brought their pet reindeer to stay with us this season as well.  The best part of it is he CAN be touched.  Lincoln and Lillian took turns sleeping with him.  He left the same night as the elves but we hope he will come back with them again next year.  He was soft and cuddly.

These two crazy kats can get themselves into some tight spots!!  

I really loved this!  Even the elves think I'm pretty cool.  This was after I helped the trio build their gingerbread house and decorated it even more after they went to sleep!  I'm happy to see the elves noticed my effort and gave me a personal shout out in Candy!  I'm gonna bet Jason would disagree with them many times but it's written in elf candy, I ROCK!  

The elves usually end up with a cold at some point in the season.  This year their illness required bandaids.  Well, nothing other than elf bandaids would do!  

Then there was the day that we woke up to Snap, Criddle and Twinkle.  They gave Crackle and Pop the day off and they stood in on the cereal box!

They left us with a SUPER messy message of "see ya next year" on Christmas Eve morning.  Some days I'll  miss those guys and some days I'm glad they aren't coming back for 11 months!  They make me tired!

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