Wednesday, April 5, 2017

A DAY at the Museum

Lillian's bestie Chloe asked us to go to the Children's museum one Tuesday this fall and we made a day of it.  We met them at The Woodlands Children's museum and Lillian insisted on bringing a baby for them both!  

You'd think they were both far too girly to play in this black rubber mulch but not a chance.  Girls just couldn't handle it in their shoes!  

They put on an adorable puppet show for us and then expected us to reciprocate all the while trying to remove the puppets from our hands.

The queen took her throne and bowed and curtsied as she exited the royal stage.  

I love how these little mommies played so nicely with their babies!  It always makes me think I must be doing something right.

After the fun at the museum came to an end, we went to story time at wendy's.  We have been visiting storytime at Wendy's since shortly after I moved here.  Most of the time Lincoln was home with me before Kinder, we could be found here on Tuesdays.  Miss Marina has been doing this story time for LOTS of years.  It's never very crowded and it's the best value in town.  She paints their faces, makes balloon animals and reads them a story in her VERY dramatic voices. She also has the coolest toys she brings for them to play with (read: old Wendy's kids meal toys)  They are far superior to Lillians' toys at home aparently!  
All for FREE! Yes, Free.
The kids meals are also $2 each and that includes a free frosty.  Yeah, best deal in town.  If you are local, join us sometime!  We are always looking for company!

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