Sunday, April 2, 2017

Woo Pig or Roll Tide (I still say War Eagle, myself!)

We are working on a bucket list item.  It's actually the bucket list of Jason's Uncle Ron but we kinda adopted it as our own as well.   Sorta like they adopted Jason and I as their "kids" years ago when we were poor college students.  They are also responsible for THIS friendship.  It's "THE ONE".  It's the friendship that last ALL the years and ALL the miles.  It's the one you can take on vacation, not just once but every other year to be exact!  Its the one that even if we don't talk for MONTHS, stands the test of time and silence.  And its mutual.  The guys are equally as compatible.  Back to the bucketlist...
For the first time EVER we hired a babysitter for the WEEKEND and left the kids to travel 9 hours to Arkansas for the Alabama game.  We are attempting to visit every SEC stadium.  Checking Razorback country off the list!
I don't think we had quite considered the intensity of a 9 hour drive in just a matter of 3 days.  We left when it was 80 degrees.  We got to Arkansas and it had dropped into the 40s!
We booked a VRBO house that was walking distance to most things.  The trade-off was that it had ONE bathroom for 6 people.  We decided we could make it work.  It was interesting at first moving into someone's home for the weekend but we made ourselves at home quickly!

Just after breakfast and a couple rounds of mimosas, we headed out for a little pre-game!  Our first stop was the Shotz bar.  We had the run of the place and we made a party of it!  The bar was famous for their shot glasses made of ice.  You took your choice shot and then slammed the glass onto the floor and watched it shatter and melt!  It proved to be quite fun actually!

We had a couple or three!  

The fun never stops when this girl is in the crowd.

Then, it was as if two of my best friend worlds collided when THIS girl shows up to the party!  Rachael and I met online through dressing our girls but our friendship has gone above and beyond that!  This weekend, she drug her husband to the Arkansas game and we got to hang out as a bonus!

We might have made a second visit to the shotz bar before walking across campus to the game.  UAK has a really cool greenway system through the campus that are bike and pedestrian only.  We walked them frequently over the weekend.

It was a beautiful campus and we were there at the MOST beautiful time of the year, the fall leaves were in FULL effect and it was golden across the mountains you could see in the distance.  That kind of elevation is non-existent here in Houston.

We watched the sun go down and the score go up as Alabama won the game 49-30.

The next morning we didn't miss the rare opportunity to photograph the men doing dishes.  This rare occurrence couldn't go unnoticed!

We had a great weekend and the kids survived a weekend babysitter!  Maybe we should do it again next year.  What stadium will be next?

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