Thursday, July 9, 2009

British Cancer Research 5K via satellite

Tonight at 8:30pm, my new running partner and I will embark on a 5K run through the well lit streets of Muscle Shoals, AL. At the same time, in Kandahar Providence, Afghanistan, my husband will be participating in a 5K for British Cancer Research. The post he is stationed on is a NATO post consisting of forces from all over the world. While my run will be a cool 78-80 degrees, his will be in upwards of 110-120 by sunrise. It will be 6am there. I've always heard of these satellite races that they guys over there run and when he told me about this one, I knew I wanted to run it with him. When he is home, we don't actually run that much together. He could smoke me, but I thought this would be a good way to do something "together" in a way we otherwise couldn't. He and I will both know for at least the first 25 minutes (his expected time) we'll be running at the very same time, the very same distance but on 2 different days (Friday there)and on 2 different continents. Also, the conditions are quite different, temperatures and safety concerns won't be a problem here in the deep south. Everyone going through this type of deployment has little ways to stay close to the one they love, this is just one way I can be a little closer to my soldier living in a land far far away!

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