Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Kid with Two Left Feet

Tuesday morning we embarked on yet another adventure in the fun life of the deFoors (at least the ones NOT in Afghanistan). We went to visit the “National Zoo” (Nashville Zoo) as Jackson calls it. We made a speedy exit getting out the door by 1030. That might not sound hard to some but those of you know getting 2 kids (especially a newborn) out of the house at that time is somewhat of an accomplishment. Jackson did his part by choosing his own clothes and dressing himself. Out the door and in the car 20 miles from home, mom notices Jackson has his shoes on the wrong feet…no make that two LEFT shoes. He had chosen his Stride Rite fisherman sandals which we have in both sizes 8 and 9.5 and he found and donned both left ones in his unsupervised attempt at dressing. What do you do?

Then as we arrive in Nashville, Lincoln blesses us with a five-alarm diaper complete with car seat saturation! After a minor rescue attempt and wardrobe change we’re back on the road and finally make our debut at the zoo slightly after lunchtime. But the fun wasn’t over yet, oh no. Lincoln continues his string of dirty diapers until we have exhausted the entire supply in the diaper bag! So I humbly had to ask another parent for a diaper for my child.

Then in another attempt to keep Linc happy I dance around while holding him and my foot slips off the side of the pavement and snaps the strap of my flip-flops. This renders the shoes completely useless. Are you kidding me? So now I have to tramp through the rest of the zoo barefoot. Luckily, mom is at an appointment and on her way back, she is able to pick me up a replacement pair. You never know to appreciate shoes until you don’t have them. Ah, the things we take for granted.

The rest of the trip was relatively uneventful. The Zoo was nice, natural habitat style zoo. On the way home we stopped and had a VERY large California burrito and hit the road. Jackson was asleep before we left the city limits. Lincoln didn’t let us forget that he was there and would prefer to be asleep in his bed!

On a better note, Jason is now the proud owner of a football signed by legendary Alabama football coach Gene Stallings, courtesy of the physician mom sees there. His father-in-law is Gene Stallings!


  1. Now THAT is a trip to the zoo!

  2. Thanks for the laugh. The part about your flip flop especially! I imagine that the ground at the zoo rates right up there with the ground of a 7-11! Yuck :)

    And HOW do you manage to look flawless even after spending hours walking around in the heat (I assume)!?!