Thursday, July 9, 2009

View from the Top

Every time we cross the bridge to the river, Jackson comments on the Marriott and the "big city." He is referring to the tower we know as the Renaissance Tower. When I was in college, it was a middle class restaurant that most people could enjoy. Now, however, it is an upscale, "too expensive to take a 3 year old" restaurant. Mom and Dad had dinner there and Mom scored us a chance to go and check out the view without the drop in the bucket meal. We rode the elevator and for 15 minutes, enjoyed the view from the top! Jackson immediately recognized the playground below and the spash pad which we frequent. We talked about seeing the dam and bridges that we drive over. When we got back to the bottom, he looked up and said, "that's where we just were." You don't get anything over on that kid!

Oh, Linc managed to sleep the entire trip. I wouldn't expect any less from a 6 week old but seriously why can't he sleep that soundly at NIGHT?


  1. Jamie you look GREAT!!! I know I remember when going to the Tower wasn't an entire paycheck to eat there :). I think I even went for Senior Prom :)..hehe.. Good times!

  2. That looks like a neat place to take the kids! Love the baby carrier!