Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Few, the Proud, the Father in him

Jason sent us these pictures of his trip outside the base in Afghanistan. He says there is a community outside the post and these are the children of the Afgans hoping to make a living from profits of selling things to soldiers on the post. Knowing these children are very poor, he stopped at the shoppette and purchased some soda and candy to distribute to them. His contact did some of the translating and some of it was self explanatory. The children were dressed colorfully and the older ones took care of the younger ones. One of the older girls even knew some English. Jason particularly bonded with a boy about Jackson’s age. Here, he is seen teaching him “the respect fist”. Something all children should learn, right?

In his past deployments, he has had little contact with the locals and this time, he works with them to obtain materials for improving their workplace. It was sweet to see how having children suddenly makes you have a soft place in your heart for other children. One of the many great things about becoming a father! Jason misses the boys so much. I know his days are spent dreaming of when he can be home to play with them again. It is beyond me to imagine not yet meeting my youngest son. Lincoln will be 4 months old when he finally meets his daddy. Jackson in some way talks about his dad every single day. He is never far from his mind. He is a great dad, that’s why I liked seeing him as a role model for the children in that war burdened country. The father in him knew exactly how to reach out to those children (CANDY) even beyond the language and cultural barriers.

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  1. That is awesome!! i know he can't wait to get home to his own sweet boys!