Sunday, July 19, 2009

One Carpet Closer

Recently, Jason sent us a rug from Afghanistan, a really nice handmade silk rug. Jackson’s first question was “Mommy, why did daddy send you a carpet?” He liked how soft it was. Then Sunday morning before church, I walk in to find Jackson laying on “daddy’s carpet.” He’s been asking for him a lot lately. He has whined about his “daddy doll” which we incidentally left in NC. During a rather difficult bedtime recently, Jackson even told me, “I don’t like you, I want my daddy.” I know, everyone gets told that sometime. I love how Jackson fondly recalls the bath he and his dad took together before he left. They sang the 82nd song while I videoed it. Jason (for the video) wore his swimsuit and that concerned Jackson and he kept telling him to take his pants off!

Jason has also bought us several other things yet to be mailed. He got Jackson a local Afghani child outfit to wear, a carved elephant statue, me some sandals and a bracelet. His local contact acquired him a TV which he was very proud of. Now he says he can get cable and watch ESPN and more importantly SEC football. He has also moved into a room with only 3-4 other people and shares a bathroom with 30 or so others. This is a vast improvement over the 400 man tent he started out in 3 months ago. And finally, Jason has internet in his room! This means we can occasionally see and talk to him on the computer. On those days Jackson can talk to him directly. I guess on the days in between we can all be one “carpet” closer to our daddy!

Oh, and Jason also received a special package from us recently containing FRESH garden grown tomatoes ripe for eating! He has missed the last 3 summers due to deployments so this is just another comfort of home in a land far far away.

Spiderman regularly makes an appearance in my room to "save me" from the bad guys. He throws webs on me that I'm supposed to pretend to break free of. He's really looking forward to when his brother is old enough to play along.


  1. HAHA I love it!! Spiderman as your wakeup call!! So creative! When I accepted your comment it deleted it for some reason :( Only a few more months and he'll be home for R and R!! So proud of you guys and Jason for what he does!!

  2. What a SWEET husband you have! Sorry I couldn't find that daddy doll :( Soon enough you will be home and the search will be on!

    That's funny about the bath video - we did that too (of course with trunks on). Must be some pre-deployment bonding thing we all try to do!