Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I never knew I was a pickup girl

As my Moutaineer approaches it's 100,000 mile powertrain warranty, it goes into the shop for a little repair. Included in the warranty is a rental for me and what does the dealership give me to drive but a 4-door F150 Supercab truck in RED! Did they KNOW that red was my favorite color? The last time I had a rental car, it was dull with NO power anything and barely a radio. This is a pretty nice truck and BIG for a girl like me. My mom, dad and both kids fit comfortably in it. It's one of the many things I've come to appreciate here in Alabama for the summer, BIG gas guzzling trucks are the standard rentals around here. So, I guess I just never knew I was a pickup girl!

This is before my race on Thursday night with Jason via satellite. The braids are also a tribute to him. He loves my hair like that! His time was a rockin' 21 minutes while we were a cool 32:04 for 3.1 miles. I'm working hard to shave my time down to 30 minutes or less...I can DO it!


  1. Great job on the race! You look awesome!

  2. Would it be inappropriate to say that your boobs look huge! I think you'll get that 30 min time as soon as you stop nursing! :) haha.