Sunday, December 12, 2010

5 year old birthday party dreams

I can't take all the credit (this time), for making a 5 year old's birthday party dreams come true. Jason helped out with this one and he really came through. It was his idea to go to MWR and rent their deluxe party package including a bouncy house, tables, chairs, a tent and a cotton candy machine. I did pull off the theme Jackson chose which was Goosebumps. And you bet I did it on the cheap! I scored all kinds of "after Halloween" stuff to use at this not so scary birthday party. The scooby doo bounce house was just the beginning. We had worm cupcakes, gummi bandaids and bloody fingers. The hamburgers and hot dogs were safe but the cotton candy was a little green! We had enough spun sugar to hype up every kid in Northridge Plantation. Jackson had a great time with all his friends at his house and his party. I was glad we had it here for him being his last birthday party here in North Carolina. It was a little chilly that day since we've had the coldest December here in decades. It was slightly better than the night before when we were getting a little worried. We had to collapse the bounce house due to a sudden surge of SLEET. Sheesh, weather, make up your mind!

Jackson got some great gifts at this party. Some of the favorites are a 1980's plug and play arcade remake and gross songs book and brain jello mold. I now know ever gross song on the CD and they constantly get stuck in my head. Lovely.
We had the party a few weeks early due to folks leaving out for Christmas. This week, I will actually have a 5 year old. I don't know if the blog is ready for those tears. Sniff!

Some of my fabulous finds after Halloween!

Scooby Dooby Doo, where are you and why
don't you have your coat on?

This is hands down what I'll miss the most about North Carolina. I'll never find another group of girls like this. We've raised our children together from babies and those are times I'll never forget!

The master carnie making tufts of spun sugar for the kids delight!

Nothing like a mouth full of GREEN cotton candy.

Just look at that kid and his extra large cone of lime spun sugar strands!

Jason trying to take down some of the orange. We had a little extra cotton to deal with.

Lincoln's favorite 11 year old babysitter, Ellin.

Some of the favorites of the day. Thanks to all who helped us celebrate my baby turning 5.

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