Friday, December 31, 2010

Reflections of 2010

These reflection questions are from Simple's post here.

1. What was the single best thing that happened this past year?
If you've been reading my blog since the beginning, this will be very obvious. Jason left for Afghanistan in April of 2009 and returned in April of 2010. The first year of my blog was saturated with his deployment. In April after 2 weeks of what I commonly refer to as HELL(you can read all about it here or here), he returned to us, never to deploy again. My sign said it all. "NEVER again!"
2. What was the single most challenging thing that happened?
Ha, he's a handful, all boy and into EVERYTHING! Don't let anybody fool you, 2 kids changes EVERYTHING. But, on top of that, I produced the most perfect baby when I had Jackson and he set the bar WAY to high for his mischievous brother. I love that boy. He's my challenge.
3. What was an unexpected joy this past year?
Lincoln LOVED his father. He was gone the first 11 months of this baby's life. We had no idea how he would react with another adult, a father, in the house with us. When we saw him, he looked at him, went directly to him and buried his head deep. It was like love at first sight. I never expected that reaction. You can see the photo in THIS blog.
4. What was an unexpected obstacle?
I knew it would be an obstacle for me, not for him. Jackson started all day preschool. He likes it but it is a long day. I know he's learning things and getting used to what Kindergarten will be like. He's even writing words and reading a little but being away from him and his sweetness all day is something I've had to overcome.
5. Pick three words to describe 2010.
Patience, Paradise, Practice (It was easy to put my year into thirds. Jason wasn't home, Jason WAS home, Jason is STILL home!) That led to my 3 P's. I had to use patience to get him home, Paradise was the first 3 months of the summer while on leave and practice was us being a family of FOUR in a normal life together.
6. Pick three words your spouse would use to describe your 2010 (don’t ask them; guess based on how you think your spouse sees you).
My first thought he would say was "whiny". So I cheated, I asked him. His first word...whiny! Then, he tactfully backed up and said: Joyful, Stressed and Fit. I think he really wanted to add whiny in there again.
7. Pick three words your spouse would use to describe their 2010 (again, without asking).
Again, I cheated and I asked him. He said: Intense, Relaxed and Change.
8. What were the best books you read this year?
Nicholas Sparks.
His books are the only ones I read. I read "The Lucky One" while we were in Mexico laying out on my huge hammock outside the room.
On the way home from Thanksgiving, I "read" Safe Haven, his latest book and both were great.
9. With whom were your most valuable relationships?
Obviously, I reconnected with my husband after his return.
As Jackson has grown up, I'm still his mother but when he asks me to play Lego's with him, I feel like we are also friends.
We spent an amazing week in Mexico with one of our very favorite couples in the world. I became ever closer to my mom and sister (you can't get any better friends that that!) and I maintained my best friend Renee over the many miles between us. When you have a friendship like that, it just can't be replaced.
10. What was your biggest personal change from January to December of this past year?
We really settled into the roll of the family of FOUR when Jason returned. We all found our place around the table and spent our first Christmas at home together. It was quiet, peaceful and fulfilling.
11. In what way(s) did you grow emotionally?
I fell deeper in love with the three boys in my life. Seeing them together, it was hard not to.
12. In what way(s) did you grow spiritually? I love our church and how they make you REALLY think. I've never had trouble with fully believing in Christ but I struggle more with knowing that everything works together for HIS Glory. And sometimes, that's not what we desire. It's not about US!
13. In what way(s) did you grow physically?
I finished my first 10 miler this year. My running partner, Jen, and I signed up and trained for several months for this. We trained so long we could have easily ran a half marathon. Our 5:45am runs were sometimes the strange highlight of my day! I miss her, she needs to get back here!
14. In what way(s) did you grow in your relationships with others?
I gained several new friends this year and lost touch with a few. I have come to realize that some people are friends for just a season in your life and that's ok. I usually have that "friend for life" attitude but I think it took some maturing to learn that lesson.
15. What was the most enjoyable part of your work (both professionally and at home)?
Since my work IS at home, the most enjoyable part would definitely be watching both of the boys growing up and learning new things. Jackson beginning to learn to read and Lincoln learning to walk and finally starting to talk too!
16. What was the most challenging part of your work both professionally and at home)?
At the risk of sounding a little monotonous, the biggest challenge I held was weathering the storm alone the first four months while playing both mother and father. It's amazing the burden that was lifted when there were 2 parents in this house and the one parent here didn't have to live in constant fear for the other.
17. What was your single biggest time waster in your life this past year?
Hello, Facebook! I'm guessing I'm not the only one with this answer. At least I didn't say blogging.
18. What was the best way you used your time this past year?
That would be the days I dropped it all and took the kids to the park or the pool. The best memories, the best times, the best way to spend an afternoon. But blogging comes in there somewhere because without these blogs, the kids would probably never remember all the things we did when they were small.
19. What was biggest thing you learned this past year?
You might not be doing what you always thought you would do, but it's exactly what you're supposed to be doing. Change is not bad, it is inevitable.
20. Create a phrase or statement that describes 2010 for you.
The decisions you make today will define your future. Choose your paths wisely. Live, laugh, love. Family are the people who love you unconditionally.

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