Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Big Dirt Hill

What's a boy to do when it's been a COLD December and not nearly enough time to play outside? When your neighborhood is a construction zone, there's always a playground nearby. This one spot has been our unofficial playground as long as we've lived here. After they built our houses, they moved large trucks in for the next phase and left them there for years! They kept us occupied for quite some time. When they decided to build the next phase, they proceeded to build a large pile of dirt on top of which we could climb. At the bottom, there were fabulous mud holes that in the spring time, grew TADPOLES! And behind the beloved pile of dirt, there was a trail. This trail was our little bit of nature and we walked it daily in warm weather. We claimed it was the witches trail and there was a witch that lived near the end of it. As they prepared to build the latest phase of homes, they dozed our trail. It was a sad day. They also dozed our dirt hill. After commencing the building, another dirt pile appeared one day. This is our latest playground and may be our last as we begin to think about selling this house to move on to our next journey. Here are some photos with our friend Gannon of our afternoon at "The Big Dirt Hill".

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