Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thankful week 4

So what if it's December and I'm just now finishing up my Thanksgiving blog. It's been a whirlwind week that encompassed a lot to be thankful for. Just a few of the highlights will give you a glimpse into our Thanksgiving as well. So the way I see it, this is 2 blogs into one!

I'm thankful that daddy found a slighly shady tire place to get me 4 brand new Michelin tires for the cost of about 2!
I'm thankful that Jackson has daddy to take him to the middle of nowhere on the four wheeler. It's his favorite place to be.
I'm thankful thankful that mom lets me destroy her kitchen cooking, and then she cleans it up for me.
I'm thankful my parents love my kids enough to let them play in the rain in their pajamas and eat suckers for "desert" after breakfast.
I'm thankful to be drinking daddy's coffee that some people find distasteful but if you add enough peppermint mocha cream, it will REALLY be the best part of waking up.
I'm thankful for the slow paced life in my hometown of North Alabama. Traffic is more than one person in the $3 car wash lane or having to wait more than 3 minutes for your loaded pork baked potato. Seriously folks.
I'm thankful my family chooses to change their Thanksgiving meal to Wednesday night so that I'm available to be with them. They love me! (or maybe it's just my kids they love)
I'm thankful for Jason's family. Especially the ones I don't get to see very often. I'm thankful we have facebook so they don't all feel like strangers when we do see them!
I'm thankful to be a graduate of the WINNING team! It's great to be an AUBURN tiger. I'm really thankful that Jason's Aunt and Uncle gave us tickets to such a great Iron Bowl. I may have been the only one happy with the outcome but they all have to admit, it was a FUN game!

I'm thankful for GREAT weather in the last part of November. It's sure to change soon but me and the boys SO enjoy playing outside in it.
I'm thankful for Yogurt Mountain. I LOVE overpriced frozen yogurt and here, you have all the choices you could ask for.

Are you sure you are ready for this? This much thankfulness could only come from a mother of 2 toddlers on a 10 hour trip back to the promised land (or at least the land you are never promised to leave).

I'm thankful my parents are willing to keep my dog while I visit my in laws and then return her to me at my convenience.
I'm thankful for Target where you can easily blow 2 hours waiting on the parents.
I'm thankful for ok, ok, ok...this is not working...
My parents return my dog and off we go on the lovely 10 hour drive up I-20. The kids are tired and I am thankful for that. I have the latest Nicholas Sparks book on CD and I begin to listen. This is now the end of the peaceful 10 hour drive. There are only 9 hours left to go.
Lincoln wakes up and points profusely at the screen to watch a movie. I realize the dual screen dvd player is not working. I take one of them down, check all the plugs, change the movie, etc. I then take the other one down and have both screens in my lap to try and find out why it won't work. I'm still cruising down I-20 because Jackson is asleep and I don't dare wake the talkative child in the midst of an electronic crisis. I figure out that it must be the fuse inside the car charger part (this has happened before). So I look at the other devices I have in the car. The GPS, phone charger and Ipod dock. Well, the ipod dock doesn't unscrew so there's no fuse there. The GPS or the phone charger. Well...I know the way home but I'm not sure I can get there without the phone to talk on so the GPS looses it's fuse to the DVD player. IT WORKS! So both kids are watching a movie and I go to change CD's in my ever so exciting book on CD and the car CD player won't eject my CD. Seriously, I'm 4 CD's into the book and I can't listen to the rest. So I get the idea to stop (it's about time anyway). I get out my laptop and plug in my headphones and begin the next CD. I have to plug the laptop into the converter because my battery life sucks and as soon as I plug it in, the fuse in the converter blows. Different fuse than the DVD player. I'm in technology malfunction OVERLOAD. I used the last bit of GPS energy to find me a Wal-mart in lower Columbia, SC. We get off, go into Wal-mart with my entourage and ask for help finding the fuses. They don't have EITHER of them. So, in motherly fashion, I instead purchase a Discman and batteries. Yes, I mean the OLD ones, (before ipods) that you actually carried the whole CD with you. Don't laugh. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Now, everyone has their entertainment for the rest of the 5 hour trip. We go to get gas and this station is CLOSED, 4 minutes ago. On the bright side, I did manage to get Krystals (mini mystery meat burgers for you non-southern types) and we all enjoyed a supremely healthy dinner on the road while listening/watching our electronic devises. Needless to say, I'm thankful for books on CD and DVD players in the car. What did we do before them? Oh wait, maybe it was Discmans!


  1. I call that brilliant and resouceful... You must be an Army wife ;)

  2. I'm so impressed that you Macgyvered your way through the electronic crisis while driving! And how jealous I am right now you got to go to the greatest Iron Bowl game ever?!?