Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Blizzard

Well, it didn't come on Christmas but the day after. We had what northerners would call a "dusting" or light snow but to us Alabamians it was a blizzard. We woke to a blanket of snow about 2-3 inches which quickly turned into around 6-7 by the time breakfast was over and we transformed ourselves into Ralphie and got bundled up. Jackson was ecstatic and could talk of nothing other than building a snowman. Lincoln was excited and when we showed him he kept going to the window and saying "know" (translation: snow).

Out in the cold white stuff Lincoln wasn't nearly as impressed. At first he trampled around in his homemade snow boots. We did him up Alabama style with walmart bags rubber banded to his feet. He hardly owns a pair of hard soled shoes yet and there are no boots to fit his chunky feet. So he pranced around until he fell down and got cold and wet. Then it was all over with. He proceeded to cry for the next 15 minutes until I asked him if he wanted to go in. He said "yeah!" The snow was too fluffy to form a decent snow man and everyone knows when you are working with a 5 year old, it's actually YOU building the snowman while they coach you and watch.
Later after lunch, Jackson and I made our way up the road to our beloved dirt hill for a look around. He was ready to head home when his cheeks started to burn from the redness.

We were glad Jason was home with us for this beautiful display of God's artwork. He's missed more than a few NC snows while he inhabited the deserts the past several years. It was a great way to spend our last Christmas season in NC.

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