Thursday, December 23, 2010

Family Traditions-We have a Name!

Traditions are defined by the "passing on" or handing down from generation to generation. We have many traditions that we are passing down from our parents and grandparents in the Holiday season but this one...this one we started all on our own.
You might remember last year when we were introduced to ELF He remained nameless until this year. Now our elf is proud to be called Criddle. I didn't know WHERE on earth Jackson had come up with the name Criddle. Obviously, I hadn't read the book. There in the book, it clearly states that you can name your elf Criddle and he took their advice.
At least he didn't' choose Zart. Yeah, pretty sure he missed that one. So again this year Elf made his appearance everywhere we went. He showed up at Thanksgiving in Alabama with Nana and PawPaw and followed us down to Birmingham to Granny Patti's. Back here in NC he's been up to all sorts of funny antics. He's a sneaky little elf and Jackson and Lincoln both really enjoyed beaming out of bed in the mornings to discover his newest location. I can't count how many mornings we were nearly in the car for school and Elf must be located before the car could depart. It was so serious that several mornings, I had to help steer the search in the right direction. Like I said, sneaky little elf. Some of our favorite elf hiding places were in the M&M's, eating cotton candy on the mantle and the day Elf got a new sweater from Santa. Yes, he did! He is sporting his elf sized sweater that the big guy gave him for Christmas. It really makes him stand out in a crowd and Jackson even claimed he thinks he'd like a sweater like that! So again this year, we prepare to say good bye to our little scout elf, we rest assured that he has had only (ok, mostly) good things to say about the behavior of the deFoor boys this Christmas season. We look forward to Criddle's return next year. If that is in fact your name, Criddle.

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