Sunday, December 19, 2010

Ahhh...he's 5!

That's kinda what I felt like when I woke up with a 5 year old in my bed. You see the night before his birthday, Daddy was in the field. We stayed up a little later watching The Grinch since I was letting him stay out of school. Before bed, he said "Mom, do you need something to sleep with?" I said sure (thinking stuffed animal) and he said slyly, "well, I could sleep with know, so you won't be lonely with Dad gone." I melted. Our kids have never slept in our bed and never really want to so when he offered, I just couldn't resist.

He awoke at 6:30 and said "Mom, I'm FIVE!" Yeah, son, I know. Now go back to sleep or lay there till the sun comes up.

Fast forward a few hours, his special day included a trip to the Marbles Kids Museum in Raleigh. It's a super fun place but you just might loose your marbles. Especially if you choose a day when an elementary school is there.

The first center is neighborhood themed with an Ambulance, Firetruck, Boat, Grocery Store, Mail Center, etc.

I didn't break his legs for talking too much, he's pretending with kid sized crutches.

Lincoln likes FISH. He liked the baby aquarium with real fish and this little train station aquarium too.

He also really liked the Yellow Submarine. It flashed and made sounds when you push the buttons. He's my button pusher (in more ways than one.)

This is when we had to leave the submarine to go upstairs to have MORE fun. Oh Good Grief!

X marks the spot, my little pirate on the wooden pirate ship. He swept the deck, checked the map and yelled "Land Ho! mates"

Upstairs had a sports theme including rock climbing and surfing. All of these were a big hit, until the school group showed up anyway.

Everybody go surfing, Surfing USA! How great is this picture, it totally looks like Lincoln conquered a Hang 10.

Just LOOK at that grumpy face! That's my little Lincoln.
You can just imagine what he did when I made him get out.

He Shoots!!


Yes, AGAIN! You guessed it. I made him get out of the shoe box.

This boy just landed in Giant LEGO heaven! We may never leave now. I guess it's time to put more money in the parking meter.

That's one GIANT quarter. This was the money playground. Here you learn about earning and saving money and baking using green balls that deposit into a giant piggy bank then he lets them all fall out.

I can hardly believe this little genius is 5. He is a smart, talkative, caring and friendly fellow. I am so proud of the young man he's becoming. Sure, he thinks he's all grown up but little does he know, he'll ALWAYS be my baby.

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