Sunday, March 20, 2011

Breakfast over the Rainbow

Good Sunday morning here in Sweet Home Alabama! We got this fabulous idea from our good friend Mari and I'm pretty sure she got it somewhere out there on the web. Either way, it was a great way to feed the crowd on Sunday morning when the kids are up by 630, thanks to Central time zone. It was SO cute and EASY and nutritious to boot!

We all know how badly I need to have a girl. I mean not only for the smocked dresses and bows but so I can throw rainbow birthday parties and play My little ponies again! Next time, I'm having a GIRL! But until then, I'll enjoy these sweet boys and their very own fruit rainbow!
You can go ahead and assume that Jackson is assembling his favorite part. Yes, the only one that's not in the nutritious category.
He's pretty proud of himself. He is just like his father. Oh. My. Word!

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