Thursday, March 10, 2011

Our House

This is our house.

It's more than just the first house we bought.

We helped build this house. Well, we chose the specs for inside this house.

It was long before children. We were looking to buy our first house. We set a target price and I did monster research into where we wanted to live and neighborhoods I liked. I found several and set up appointments to go and look at them. I printed the brochures and even printed a few I knew were a little outside our comfort zone. I knew what we liked and I knew this floor plan fit what we were looking for. We went to a showing nearby one day and as we drove around in the neighborhood Jason saw the back porch for this house being poured. He looked and said "that's it, that's the one I want to buy." Luckily, I had already looked at it and thought it was more than we could do at the time. Well fast forward a few months later and we were picking out lighting and choosing cabinet colors. We were able to customize the inside of the house to our liking and believe you me, I liked it! It was stressful and fun to choose all those things for MY house. I was living a domestic dream and by thanksgiving we would be living in our 1st home.

The next summer we spent countless hours landscaping because we both really enjoyed it and it was fun for us to be outside and together. It was all coming along so nicely. We also found out we were expecting our first born! It was late summer when Jason dropped the bombshell from the Army that he was going to be going to Ft. Rucker for a school. It was about a year long and we would return to Ft. Bragg. Are you kidding, I have not even lived in this house for a year and you tell me we're moving? I wanted to bring my baby home to this house! As I digested that info, he found a GREAT renting situation for our house to not stay empty. Great guy, getting married and he only used the 2 extra bedrooms. We kept everything in our master and locked the door. Jackson was 6 months old when we returned to the house. We worked hard over the next few weeks to build him a nursery. I was pretty pleased with how it turned out. This is when I really feel like this house became our home. We were raising a family here. I stayed home everyday with Jackson in this house. We took morning walks and I met more neighbors that stayed home too. We built up a whole neighborhood of friends for both him and I. These girls were like me. Their husbands deployed, they cooked dinner and battled naptimes. They were like my family! Over the next several years and more deployments that I care to figure up, the girls that live in the neighborhood where we built our house helped to make me be able to call it home. We all raised our babies up together and paraded the streets with strollers from one side to another. It will be this that I miss most about our house. I love our house. I love the layout and the colors and the landscape but what I love most is our neighborhood and the people that made it up.

So our house is on the market now. It's a slow moving market but we feel like it will sell. Hopefully to someone just like us. Someone who wants a place to raise their own little family. Just hopefully with less deployments!

And now for the photos because I always want to remember our first home!

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  1. Jamie, I'm in tears!! Don't go!! I will certainly miss you tons. You have been a great friend over the years, and I know you will continue to be for many more years to come. Your friendship really does mean a lot to me. I wish you well on your next journey in life.