Thursday, March 24, 2011

Chasing Waterfalls (and Salamanders)

If ever I want to take a stroll down memory lane, this is one of the top on my list. I can remember this place fondly even from Jackson's age. I can remember my Aunt Janie taking me here with one of her boyfriends in her dating years. I took Jason here on one of our very first dates. My daddy took Tracie and I here when he was home on weekends from working in Nashville. This places is full of memories for me. I even came here 3 days after Linc was born in one of my first "mom of 2" outings. Now we are back and it's more fun than ever. It was a little chilly so we consumed our Krystal burgers in the car before our walk. I still haven't for the life of me figured out why there are NO krystals in North Carolina, specifically, Fayetteville. It would be a gold mine here. Tons of cheap late night burgers is JUST what this high class city needs! Ok, off my soap box. My cholesterol is happy with the lack of Krystals here. Anyway, we took a little walk to the waterfall and Daddy started looking under rocks for these salamanders. It thrills Jackson to find and hold them. Lincoln, not so much. We didn't' know that salamanders would bite each other. We actually didn't know they would bite at all. That's why I wasn't scared of them. But these two didn't like each other. It made them that much more fun that they wanted to bite each others heads off. BOYS! See, i told you Lincoln wasn't fond of the salamanders. Which made it OH so fun for Jackson to put them in his face. I guess that's what big brothers are for. I give him a year, maybe less until they are not fighting because of the salamanders but are fighting OVER them! They like to hide out under the moist wet rocks so this is the perfect spot for them.

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  1. I'm sorry Lincoln, but those pictures of your brother torturing you with those creepy creatures made me laugh. And if your adorable chubby fingers get any chubbier or more adorable, I'm going to have to break my vow of not having any more kids.