Tuesday, March 29, 2011

You MIGHT be a Redneck!

This would be the shoetree. It's a tree with no known significance on the side of the highway near Cherokee, AL where people decided to start hanging their outgrown or unwanted shoes. I'm sure some of them have a meaning. Some of them are just some teens that wanted to waste their parents money and some may be the shoes worn on a wedding day, graduation or the finish of a first marathon (that's the one I'm throwing my shoes for!) I might never have known about this Alabama landmark had it not been for mom's letter boxing hobby. Again we were off "finding treasures" as Jackson says and one was hidden in the rocks near the famous, or is it infamous, shoe tree. Funny thing, when we pulled over, Lincoln pointed with that little finger of his and said "SHOOOES!"
Next, we headed toward Redbay, AL. We wound down some of the most country roads I have ever traveled. At one point we saw a country man with chickens and cows in his yard. He was checking his mail in a full white beard and denim overalls. Jackson exclaimed, "there's Old MacDonald!" We also passed a fence full of bobcat and coyote carcasses. Yes, these were some country folks. Right passed the 7th hairpin turn we saw this sign and I knew we had arrived at the most redneck place in all of Alabama...I was wrong...just wait!
Yes, in 1937, the Coon Dog Cemetery was founded to bury all beloved blood hounds far and wide. Some of the gravestones are just a piece of wood with sharpie writing, others are large concrete tombstones carved with the companions name and bloodline. Some even have photos which make them exceptionally special. I guess I never knew how much people cared for their coon dogs. Now I do.

And now...drum roll please..... I might have landed at the most redneck place in Alabama! I've been hearing about this places for several months but I'm telling you now, you might just have to see it to believe it. I know I did!

We arrived at the Rattlesnake Saloon and parked in a field among several horse trailers. We walked a gravel path and were met by this monster truck that calls itself a taxi. He asked if we wanted a ride and off we went.
We drove down a steep hill to what presented as an underground type cave. It's actually a restaurant down there. They have lots of tables under the cave's overhang and you eat outdoors in the open air. They have a stage for music venues of the country variety. They are open 3 days a week and only serve alcohol after 5 pm. The security fella's take their jobs seriously while wearing some form of camouflage, they keep the patrons safe and under control. One mishap and they'd call that dually taxi to come get you and haul you off. And should you choose to smoke during your outdoor dining experience, here is where you would place your butts. Yes, that's a hand carved 3 ft rattlesnake ashtray.

Yessiree, bob.


Sorry, I just couldn't resist.
You can take a little stroll on top of the overhang/cliff that is also known as the restaurant. Jackson liked this place a little too much. He maintains full redneck potential and began saying "I ain't" as soon as we landed in Alabama.
And here's what we've all been waiting for. The big reveal. The Rattlesnake Saloon. You can get a glimpse of the cooking facility, the tables and if you look closely, the professional bouncer seated on the tailgate of the truck. In the back of the cave, there is a stage. We were lucky enough to show up on amateur night and we got to hear all sorts of karaoke. My nightly favorite was a new song to me called "Cheater, Cheater" sang by a large lady wearing entirely pink and camo clothing. I was forever changed after hearing it. I can't promise it was in a good way.

In all honesty, the places is COOL. Who thought to put a restaurant in a cave in the middle of nowhere? It could defiantly be a fun places to bring a truckload of your friends for the night. I would even go back. But next time, I'd be wearing my wranglers and cowgirl boots. And camouflage earrings of course!

And now on to the few photos we were able to squeeze out of the guys. This was on a VERY stormy Saturday morning before our flight. I just wish you could see the setup. In mom's garage, with the backdrop clipped to chairs and luggage. It's a wonder any of these photos ever turn out well and somehow, they do. Thanks Mom, and photoshop CS5!

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  1. I love Alabama! In fact, we are hitting up the Rattlesnake Rodeo this weekend in Opp, AL. Never in my life, did I think I would say that, ha! The boys are adorable and getting so big!