Sunday, March 13, 2011

Whatcha Say?

I know, I know, all kids say the darnedest things. But then again, the main reason for me keeping this blog is to remember what MINE say when they say funny stuff. Or in Lincoln's case, when he says anything at all. Jackson is always saying funny stuff and most of it I forget about. Here are some of the lastest chuckles I've had on Jackson's behalf.
-Recently we were driving through at Sonic and he asks, "Mom, why don't we ever go IN at Sonic?"
-At preschool, they had picture day and I picked him up a little early. When I got him he said with pride, "Mom, I had a "highschool" picture made today with a square hat and everything!" (they had preschool graduation photos!)
-I was recently talking to Jackson about how he'd feel about our moving to Nashville. Of course, he asked if we'd be taking our things and his toys and then he asked if we could take the wall colors too because he liked them!
-Along those same lines, we were talking about where we would live in Nashville and he said he thinks we'll live in that place where him and PawPaw could go underground. The story he is referring to is when we stayed at the Opryland Hotel. I don't think we'll be living there but I WISH!
-He likes to talk about the things he's done in the past and recently he asked me if I remembered when he and PawPaw went up to the Mountain House and rode his 4-wheeler in the creek. I told him I wasn't there that day but I've been there before. He proceeded to tell me that he and PawPaw rode the 4 wheeler up and down the creek real fast and made a big splash. He said this was how they scared all the snakes away. Good times in the country are not easily forgotten!
-On the way to preschool Lincoln had his milk cup and Jackson claimed he was thirsty. I only had coffee and I told him so. Lincoln heard this and offered his cup to Jackson. Jackson drank some and we talked about how sweet it was of Lincoln to share. Then I heard Jackson sweetly telling Lincoln..."Lincoln, you used to drink your milk out of mommy's boobies and now you drink it out of a cup like me! Facts of a 5 year old.
-Recently Jackson has asked to sleep with us. He has NEVER slept with us or anyone and he usually can't. We decided one night to let him and I'm pretty sure he stayed up later than either of us watching TV. Around midnight, I woke up smothered and had to take him back to his bed. Luckily he didn't mind.

Lincoln's speech has exploded in the last 2 months. He's doing really well getting his verbal point across as well as his nonverbal request (screaming, throwing, etc).
-Lincoln tells me oh, about 5 times a day..."Ma, Ma, I da da Pa pa" This translates best as Ma, Ma, I wanna talk to pawpaw" He calls my dad about 3 times every day and they have conversations that center around 4 wheelers and Ice Cream.
-He has finally gotten the hang of playing with toys or non toys either way, he says "Ma, ma, I ona pay" Which translates as Ma, I wanna play.
-Any type of food is still referred to as "Ma, Ma, I ona nana" or banana.
-He regularly tells me when he has a Poop diaper. He grabs it and says "Ma, poo poo" and "Ewwwwwwww" He also tells me this about dog poop, cat poop and my poop. I don't know about you but I think it's high time Jason get to potty training that child!
-Like any younger sibling he wants to be just like his big brother. So he's been doing a lot of "Ma, I hep" meaning he wants to help!
-Lincoln's always been fond of the outdoors. As a baby, it was sometimes the only thing that would soothe him and we'd leave him out there even at naptimes in Alabama. Well, he can now open the back door all by himself and let himself Ow Si or better heard as outside.
-He now pulls on his carseat straps and says "Ma, ma, get Ow" (out)
-And for the record, we still hear "OH WOW" every single day. Sometimes 15-20 times. Good ol' construction and a thrilled toddler.

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