Sunday, March 20, 2011

Nashville Parks Tour

We landed in our future home of Nashville, TN decked out in our green for St. Patricks day. I was quickly reminded that this is music city as we listened to a 2nd rate country performer try to get attention at the airport food court.
My parents picked us up and we headed out to house hunt. On the way we stopped for a late lunch pickup at a shopping center I plan on getting more familiar with. It was called Nashville West and wouldn't you know, Nana found those boys a playground in a park. We spent a while letting them get our the airport energy before we went to our first showing. It was a house I found on craigslist and would you believe it was right across the street from a playground! Yep, if we rent it, that will be our very own front yard park! We drive further into Bellevue to look at more potential houses and Jackson spots a "castle park" (wooden playground) and begs to go. We drop him off with Nana and Lincoln and Dad and I continue on our house search. Mind you, we've only been in the state for about 5 hours and we've been to a total now of 3 parks and only been inside 1 potential house. (Which just so happens to be our new home!) I looked at nearly 100 houses online and we end up renting the FIRST one I look at! I know how to pick 'em!
We wanted a little walk down memory lane so we visited the Old Spaghetti Factory for a nostalgic dinner with my Mom and Dad. All of Nashville is nostalgic to Daddy and I'm still not sure if it's in a good way or not. You see, Daddy used to work in Nashville. He actually worked there for 18 years before he retired. He spent his week working there and drove home on the weekends. He lived with 4 other men who did the same thing. They slept there, worked and then drove 2 hours home to their families in Alabama. In part of the NO Cell Service area on the way home we actually totaled up the times that Daddy drove the roads in those 18 years. It was somewhere around 4000 trips and about 561,600 total miles driven. Yeah, that was alot. So there are tons of places that Daddy has a story about in Nashville.
Ok, back to the parks. We spent the night out in Brentwood and in the morning we ate breakfast at the MacDonald's nearby that had...yep, a Park! So more playtime for the boys. We went on to our second house showing and then we drove by Jason's future Master's Program at Vanderbilt. Mom spotted the Parthenon so we had to stop, the day was beautiful and she had a motive. There was a letterbox to be found. We walked around the gigantic Greek structure and Jackson spotted yet another park! We let them play before we take off on a lunch hike. As we are winding down, we visit the first house again and put our seal of approval on the playground we will be calling Ours for a few years as we make this move to Nashville. At least we've got a major head start on knowing where all the coolest parks are. We like to keep the important things first!


  1. Congratulations on finding a house! It must be such a relief! And, of course, the pictures of the boys are gorgeous as always.

  2. Yay! I'm so happy you guys found a house! And total score that it's next to a park! That just makes making friends THAT much easier!!

  3. Craigslist, eh? You must have a smart gal pal who's done some recent house hunting too. :) Happy for you guys and know that it will be fab!

    Oh...and your boys are 2 cute as usual!!

  4. Glad you found a place to live. For some reason, the first one is always the right one. I know that you will have many great memories made from there too. Enjoy!!