Sunday, May 13, 2012

May Photo A Day Challenge 1-11

Never done one of these kind of challenges.  I like the idea but it was intimidating to do a whole year.  I don't like to fail.  I don't even like to be sub par at something.  I hold myself to some pretty high standards! I knew I could keep this one up.  Besides, 2 of my favorite girls were going to hold me accountable!

Day 1: peace
This one was easier than I thought.  I kept thinking bedtime, coffee time or the Bible then naptime came around.  Lately, I have had to force naptime by rocking this big ol' 2 year old.  It is apparent that I did not mind.  It was one of the most peaceful moments that day!

Day 2:  skyline
Have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE Nashville?  We'll I totally do and it will be hard to beat a view like this.  Taken from a pedestrian only bridge, leading to Titan Stadium, which is also part of a city wide greenway system for increased non-motor transportation!  Just LOVE this place!

Day 3:  something you wore today
Normally, this would have been some fabulous bling because that is what I love but on a rainy day in middle TN in Spring, these were a much more appropriate choice.  

Day 4:  fun!
It's been a HOT spring.  Hot enough for this kind of activity to take place after school.  It's amazing what a waterhose and an umbrella can provide for entertainment.  Funny thing is, I can remember doing the exact same kind of thing with MY sister.

Day 5:  bird
It' was our "last meal" before Jason moved to Houston.  We went into the Gulch to eat at RuSan's one of our fav sushi locations.  On the way out, we stopped by a total touristy place called "2 old hippies"  They sell $40 t-shirts, $700 cowboy boots and guitars covered in glitter!  They also have a VW van inside with this dove painted on the side.  Come to think of it, this could have also worked for "peace" as well.
Day 6:  you
This one was a little difficult.  I had to use the tripod and of course it had to be perfect for me to post it as "me".  It's just not my style.  I did put some thought into it.  The things I feel that define me (besides my children) are my friends and connections with others, my Stella & Dot  jewelry business, a to-do list and my essential every day of my life coffee cup.  

Day 7:  someone that inspires you
I heard her speak at my church back in October.  I knew then that she impacted my life as she has so many others.  She was a wealthy cute girl who chose to "love the least of them".  We should all try to be more like her, more like Christ.

Day 8: a smell you adore
It was nearly midnight when I took this.  I thought about going upstairs and making a photo of my fav perfume.  I considered making a photo of my coffee grinds but as I started a load of laundry, my favorite smell came over me and I knew exactly what to do!

Day 9:  something you do everyday
The kids got a huge kick out of the self timer on the camera.  I would run over and hug them and then we would all check out the photo and see that somebody's head got cut off so we had to go again.  I think it was the frantic mommy running back and forth that elicited such smiles but I'll take it.  How adorable!

Day 10:  a favorite word
It says it all.  Hope is how we can face tomorrow.  Hope is how we face today.  It's how we care.  It's how we carry on.  It's a small word with a BIG meaning.

Day 11:  kitchen
I dreaded having to clean any part of my kitchen to show the world.  Then last week, my faucet broke.  I got this new fancy one and dish washing time just got a little brighter!  I LOVE it.  A faucet is one of those things you are going to use EVERY single day and if you get one, you should get a good one!  

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