Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Pfunky Mother's Day

When it's mother's day and your husband isn't in town, you know you have to take yourself out to eat if anyone does.  The kids are too small to do any breakfast in bed maneuvers.  Even if their father was home, he's not the morning person in the family so breakfast might be a stretch but coffee, he could handle that!  So we got up and dressed quickly to head across Nashville to a place I'd been hearing about.
The Pfunky Griddle.
I knew it was probably more of a "kid place" than a nice place to go for mother's day but I figured I could call it celebrating the ones who made me a "mom"!
It was a rainy 20 minute drive to a small house in Berry Hill.  When I say rain, I kinda mean torrential downpours.  We walk in and attempt to dry off at the table.  There is a griddle in front of us and this is where we are going to be cooking our own pancakes with our chosen toppings.  Want an egg?  You'll have to cook that too!  She brought us white and wheat pancake mix and let us get to it.  I chose blueberries, Jackson had chocolate chips and I got Lincoln peaches.  Of course the boys wanted to help flip the pancakes but it wasn't super easy and I didn't want anyone to get burned so I suggested they just watch.  I did allow them to spread butter, lots of butter on their pancakes.  It's all you can eat but when it comes to pancakes, a few is just about all I can eat.

Flip when you see bubbles!

Me and the ones responsible for making me "mom".  It's the best job I never knew I wanted.  I didn't realize I could be so content and fulfilled staying home with these guys.  Now I couldn't imagine any other way.  It was a great mother's day breakfast, even if I did have to cook it myself because at the end of the day it's not the cooking I dislike.

It's the cleaning up afterwards!  
 Jason was kidding me about paying money to cook my own pancakes.  I'll be the first to admit, I paid that $20 to simply not clean up
And it was worth every penny!  
Happy Mother's Day to me!

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