Monday, May 7, 2012

These are a few of my favorite things...

I always love Oprah's favorite things episodes.  This is coming from a girl who doesn't watch Oprah.  I really like to hear what things other people are really crazy over.  I have no problem asking my girlfriends to go through their makeup to discover their favorite products or ask what their favorite kitchen utinsils are.  It's possible I'm a follower.  I like what everyone else likes.  It's likely if you like it, someone else will too.  Lately I've taken note of my favorite things.  You may or may not agree and in a month these will all probably change but for now, these are a few of my favorite things.  (Maybe I should make this a quarterly series?!)

1. Almond Joy International Delight creamer.  This started out as "Jason's creamer".  It also started out in the normal size bottles but now that we are both enjoying candybar flavored coffee in the mornings, we've moved on to the econo size.  Heaven help us if we ever run out of coffee creamer.  (My Cali friend, Mari knows just  what an atrocity that is!)

2.My new Hobo wallet.  My wallet had been LONG overdue a replacement.  I don't do well with wallet change but it was time.  Self admitted (ok, my sister helped) I had to get a new wallet and these Hobo's  were so well talked about.  I also got mom one for Mother's day (early) because, like mother, like daughter, she too has a hard time adjusting to a new wallet.  Change is good mom, and I don't just mean quarters!

3.  My nails!  How perfect is this?  It's sparkly.  It's pink.  It's so me!  A grad student friend of Jason's has the equipment and means to do the shellac or gel nails at home and she came to me to do my nails for the ball this weekend.  How sweet was that!  I loved this color and the sparkly ring finger.  I also love that short nails are in.  That's about all I can ever have so that's good.  I won't keep it done for now but I do love how durable it is.  I'm tough as nails on nails and these are keeping up the glamour!
(and PW thinks she has alien hands in photos.  Hello, E.T fingers!  I'm a little creeped out by them right now.  Focus on the nails people.)

4.  These shoes.  They make my feet happy.  They make me happy.  They are Steve Madden's and I would tell you I paid top dollar for them right off the top shelf at Nordstroms but that would not be true.  Although I might have.  I love them.  And I got them for $20 at a designer consignment store in Green Hills.
5.  Summer bangles.  These are my new Stella & Dot jewels for the summer.  I LOVE these bracelets.  They seem to go with everything I have for summer.  I love how many different combinations I can come up with to perfectly match the chosen outfit of the day!  I have specific jewelry just for summer.  I only like to wear my bold necklaces and bracelets on the sheer skin of summertime.  Once I had to move to Alabama for 3 months from North Carolina.  In all my packing (to have a baby!) I forgot my summer necklaces.  Thankfully, I had my sweet neighbor, Mari who understood my dilemma (and laughed) and went into my house, got them and MAILED them to me.  It'd be a shame not to sport the "summer jewels"!
6.  Coconut Oil.  This phenonomon started with all the paleo people.  Now, I'm not paleo and I'll prove it in the following posts but I do like to cook healthy and be healthy.  And I might have mentioned I'm a total follower.  Coconut oil, everybody's doing it!  So, I got some and used it to grease a pan for sauteeing, fried some okra in it (yum) and used it in several recipes in place of oil.  No, it doesn't taste like coconut.  It's light tasting and unflavored.  It's supposed to be healthier than olive oil.  It comes in the form of crisco so it's not for salad dressings.  Keep your olive oil around for that!  After reading a few blogs and hearing it from Mari I decided to try it out on my skin.  Yes, Coconut oil can be applied directly to the skin and it  melts on and soaks in fabulously.  It worked great on those pasty winter leg shins from 30 degree runs!
So, run out and get you some. Walmart has it.  Order some online, amazon has it.  Buy some from one of my fav new websites  That's where I got this one and it's organic to boot!
7.  Truffle cheese.  No wait, truffle oil.  Ok, ok, Truffles.  Have I posted about truffles before?  I can't remember.  I'm in LOVE with anything truffles.  And we're not talking chocolate here.  Although I'm sure I'd love chocolate truffles too, let's be honest!  Shortly after moving to Nashville, we were introduced to truffle fries at a Trendy local burger joint.  It may have been life changing for Jason and I.  We like to dabble in gourmet culinary tastes and this was the jackpot.
Just a little refresher:  Truffles are VERY expensive underground type mushrooms.  They are harvested by pigs who have the keen sense of smell to find them.  They are most found in Europe and Asia.  Did I mention they are VERY expensive.  They have been dubbed "the diamond of the kitchen".
This cheese, I scored at Sams club, is made with tiny shaves of the truffle but the aroma packs a big punch and right now, I have 4 of these blocks in my freezer.
I ordered this bottle of liquid gold off of Amazon.  Good ol' amazon.  The bottle fits in the palm of my hand.  It was $18.99.  Each.  And it only comes in a 2 pack.  So...we use it very sparingly but it's made some fine roasted potato fries and some killer mac and cheese.  Come on over and I'll cook up some truffle goodness for you!
8.  These are my new pots!  They were purchased at antique or junk stores and I'm just in love with them.  My mom and grandmother have always adored McCoy pottery so the name was common to me.  I kinda love gardening and specifically love colorful pots.  Jason always claims I have more pots than plants and it's probably true.  I just can't help myself.  Aren't they just adorable!

9.  This is my pergola.  Jason built it for me last summer.  No plans.  Just a drawing and his oversized super smart brain!  He promised me a long long time ago that wherever we lived, he'd put up my swing and so far, he's lived up to his promise.  I'm gonna keep him.

Now, CHALLENGE:  What are a few of YOUR favorite things??  They will probably be mine also next month!

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