Saturday, May 19, 2012

One Saturday in History

It's our first Saturday at home without Jason here.  I distinctly remembered immediately how much weekends can suck during "deployments".  This one was no different.  It was slow and boring except there were 2 children at home to annoy me instead of the usual little one!  I'm still in denial about summer without school.  These are the days I'm grateful we  begin  a year round schedule this year!
 We started out the  Saturday afternoon with a trip to the Nashville Farmer's Market.  I simply LOVE this place.  I had gotten peaches a few weeks ago and WOW!  they were good.  So I needed more.  After we purchased the local produce, we got our favorite popcicles in the world.  They are sold at an international foods market inside the farmers market.  They don't look like much made from plastic solo cups but I can promise you they taste a little like heaven!

 Then we headed a little further away.  Jackson woke up asking to go to The Hermitage.  He's been asking to go ever since he did his president's report on Andrew Jackson.  He did a great job and we all learned a lot about Andrew Jackson including that he was from Nashville and his house was here.  I couldn't deny the child a chance to learn about history and today was as good as any.  Besides, it closed in a couple of hours and they boys would be exhausted by then!
The grounds was bigger than I expected and we did a lot of walking around.  They boys were good and actually intrested.  They give you free headsets to listen to the commentation and Jackson would actually listen while Lincoln mostly wore his for show.  

 We took a LONG walk around the creek and though the woods.  It had began to rain and we spotted deer in this wheat field.  I also filled my purse with wheat berries because I've been dying to try growing wheat seeds and it's been impossible to find it!  I know, I know but seriously I think there was plenty!

 I enjoyed learning that this is the original color of the dinning room.  The color was chosen because it reflects light the best when lit by candle which was the only light source after dark.  Maybe I'll paint my next dining room this color.

 Here's our guy, Andrew Jackson.  Right there on the $20 bill.

 The house was beautiful, interesting and historic but nothing beats simply spending time with my boys!

These are the days they'll remember.  These are the days I never want to forget.

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