Saturday, August 6, 2016

Babies in Bluebonnets

Nothing is more quintessential Texas than bluebonnets and nothing can be cuter than babies in them!  I knew when we moved here it would be my Goal in life (or at least the months of March and April) to get photos of the kids in the bluebonnets.  We have become bluebonnet aficionados. We watch the calendars to determine their blooming window.   We can spot them from miles away and each one of us gets giddy excited to find them. If it's just a couple on a roadside patch or the mother-load of bluebonnets we love them all!  We drive the roads from here to Brenham at least once just to see them and gasp at their beauty.  We show anyone who will let us!  It's not JUST the bluebonnets, it's all of the wildflowers in the great state of Texas!

We have found the most perfect secret spot for photos and have used it every year.  It's a drive from the woodlands but so worth it and it just happens to be minutes from a certain quite famous ice cream factory!  Photos for ice cream is ALWAYS a winner!  What we probably love the MOST about this spot is one side of the hill is covered in bluebonnets but the other side is mixed with gorgeous Indian paintbrushes that make a lovely combination!

I've always heard, God Blessed Texas and in March and April, they are SO right!

But, with these babes, I'd say I'm blessed no matter what state I'm in!

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