Sunday, August 14, 2016

Galveston Getaway!

We wanted a little post school getaway but didn't want to go far.  We knew the beach missed us so we decided on an overnight to Galveston.  We had dined at a restaurant that had a hotel behind it and and pool on the ocean side.  From the looks of it, it shouldn't be too pricey and I was right!  It wasn't much of a hotel but for one night, we could do anything.  Bonus was they had a fantastic home cooked breakfast for FREE!  Winning, shady Galveston motel style.  We drove down to the beach and crossed the ferry to the island.  We got our sticker and picked out the perfect spot on the beach.  I was then that the boys realized they didn't every obey me when I asked them to get their fully packed suitcase off the top of the stairs.  Yep, that's right they had ONLY the clothes on their back.  They were forced to swim in them and stay wet until we could get to walmart to BUY them more.  Boys!  

We also bought this fancy blow up pool for Lillian.  We filled it with ocean water using our 5 gallon fishing bucket.  It was fun, for a few minutes anyway.  Even if the water looks more like chocolate milk!  It's Galveston baby, not the Emerald coast!  Texans can't be too choosy, we're lucky to have water close enough to drive to!

I made sure to pack all the important things in life, protien snacks, vodka and my journal and bible.  This equals a pretty good day in my books!

We parked near a run off area and you'd have thought we struck gold.  The kids played in this far more than the actual ocean.  They loved the warmer, flowing water.  Nevermind we have no real idea where it was coming from.

Naptime is still a necessity and while I had to hold her the whole time, you can see it bothered me greatly!  

We always love the Popsicle truck that roams the beaches there.  Jason is a sucker and he can't say no!

I leave you with this.
It's called blue steel.

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