Saturday, August 6, 2016

We may need an ARK!

I've always heard "April showers bring May flowers" but this year Aprils showers brought May FLOODS!  Our area experienced flooding not once but TWICE in just over a month.  Both times, schools were out, and people had homes and cars damaged.   It had rained so much that the ground was saturated and the waterways were full so more rain just caused spillage. The earlier flooding only had us out one day of school but the second one kept us out for 4 whole days!  For RAIN!  The earlier flooding was more centered downtown and didn't effect us as heavily.  The second time, we were effected pretty significantly.  Much of our neighborhood was flooded, roads and bridges were closed for over a day.  There are 2 bridges over the water that lead out of creekside and BOTH were closed for flooding.  Lincoln and I took a bike ride down to the closure just to see why they had to close the roads.  Well, this is why!  When we got there, there were kids in a kayak floating down the road!  It was crazy to see the roads we drive on a daily basis this far underwater.  It receded fine and while I know there were some homes damaged in the area, I didn't personally know any of them.Our water main was damaged and we were under about 2 weeks of water restriction while they repaired it.  It was a great opportunity to show the kids giving back to the community as we dropped off LOTs of cleaning supplies at a local church. The drive to the church was shocking because the flooded homes were starting to be stripped of the debris, sheetrock and carpets and the piles were tremendous. I know it made an impact on the boys seeing total devastation like that.
We weren't sad to see an end to such a rainy spring season!

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