Saturday, August 13, 2016

Lillian Lately

She talks.
All the time.

She is at the perfect age of saying the funiest stuff.  I try to remember, sometimes I even type it in the notes section of my phone.  She's a 3rd kid so she's lucky to even get a blog post about the funny things she does!

A few of the things she's said lately:

She's obsessed with her babies.  Particularly the naked ones.  If they are NOT naked, she makes sure they are when she's done with them.  One day she was playing babies and told me " I has a baby in me belly!"  Not sure where she got that from.  No more babies in my belly.  Ever.

She has brothers.   She knows a few things about boys.  She will be the first to tell them "Thas yuck!" when they show her bugs or snakes.  She will tell you or anyone else when she does #2 "Thas Naaaasy"(nasty).  She will also describe the vegetables on her plate by saying "Thas Gwoss!"

Last week, I put her aqua converse shoes on her.  We don't wear tennis shoes much around here.  It's Texas so we have 9 months of summer and during our "Less summer" months, we wear boots.  We also have smelly jelly shoes that we kinda love so basically, we are shoe poor.   But while putting on the converse, she insisted that "Thas Lincoln shoes!" He does have some converse that he wears but it was funny to see her relate them.

Need a smile from Lillian?  Just ask her to say "Chloe!"
Chloe is her best little friend and she loves her.

Lillian is now potty trained!  She was pretty easy.  It helped that the week after we started, I took off for Costa Rica and let my mom pick up there but she was still pretty easy.  She had a method that I've never seen anyone accomplish before.  She managed to poop ONE rabbit pellet size at a time in order to get chocolate!  We'd all say Yay! and run to get her some m&M's.  10 minutes later, she'd need to go again and same story.  It was a unique ability for sure.

I went in to get her from nap one day and when she woke up she looked at me and said "Do you wanna build a 'noman' (snowman)?"  Direct quote from the frozen movie when Anna wakes Elsa up.
She then proceeds to tell me "The sky's awake!" which is another direct quote.  Funny, her dad is all about movie quotes so I know where she gets it!

Right before she potty trained she was letting me know it was time.  She would got #2 and then look at me and ask "Are you ewwww mommy?"  "No, no I am not but are you?"  Yeah, I'd say it was time.
Then the first week, I'd ask her: "Lil, you need to go pee-pee potty?"  "Nah, I go pee-pee potty in my biker" (diaper)
No, maam, time to drop the bikers diapers!

She likes scary stuff.  And she likes to pretend she's scared.  That's another thing we can attribute to the boys.  She'll ask to watch dinosaurs (jurassic park) or scary dolls (goosebumps).  She closes her eyes and pretends to be afraid but she isn't really, she just likes their attention when she feigns damsel!

She's figured out i watch her on the monitor.  It's on my phone and she can push the monitor button and knows it's her bed.  I guess she can see her stuffed animals.  She will get up and when she sees the empty bed on my phone she asks me "Where's the baby?"

She's getting good at reading books.  I love how toddlers want to read the same books over and over and over.  All my kids have loved reading Goodnight Moon.  She can basically read it to me now.  Then there is "I Can Do It Myself" which is a 1980 sesame street book that was mine as a child.  "Monster Cookie" (or better known as cookie monster) is her favorite.  She also likes another book of mine.  I can remember reading this one.  Its a Mercer Mayer book called "Just for you".  Part of the little critter series.  There is a spider and grasshopper on each page and she insists on finding them.  He makes a series of "messes" and so we call it Mess book.  At the end of each book she proudly exclaims "De END!"

Another nod to the brothers, she will often GROWL her "I love you" or "love you too".

At night, we sing before bed.  She likes me to sing "Rock a baby" which seems like Rock-a-bye-baby but if you start that one, you'll quickly be stopped.  That's not the one.  She means Hush little baby but she won't change the name, you just have to adapt.  She's the boss.

We were browsing a store and she says "Look mom, it's ho-ho!"
It was a garden gnome.  Close enough.

"Mom, whas goin on?"

"Mum, whatchu doin?"  I'm __________, what are you doing?  "Nufin'"

We passed a car recently with a skull sticker on the back.  She said "Thas creeeeeepy!"
What's creepy is my 2 year old knows the word creepy!

I put a bubble outfit on her in her room.  As soon as I get it on her she twirls around and looks at me disappointed.  She says "I don liiiiike it, it don spin, I wanna be tincess!"
Oh yes, I created this monster.

Later that day, we went to pick a swimsuit for the pool and as I reached for a red and white checked smocked one, she says "Noooooo, I want PANK (pink)!"
I was equal parts annoyed and proud.

Onion.  If you ask her what her name is she will say "Onion" ever single time.   It's her attempt at saying Lillian but it's so cute I don't want to correct it.  If she's feeling spicy, she will say "Tincess Onion" which is even cuter.

She asks for her bow-bow.  It was a long process of bow training but having her insist on a bow, even at the pool, even with pajamas feels like winning to me!  She even things her babies with hair need bow-bows.  Of course they do!

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