Monday, August 8, 2016

Baby, you're a firework!

Lincoln is my sweet little middle.  I can't believe he's SEVEN years old.  If you have never read Lincoln's birth story it's one for the books.  Few people have his same story, that's for sure.  

Lincoln is likely the most charming, lovable boy you've ever met.  Somehow he makes everyone he meets fall in love with him,  We sometimes call him our Casanova because he especially has a way with the ladies.  I'm not saying I have a favorite child but several other family members (NANA!) can't say the same and Lincoln is THE PICK!!!

The first celebration was a family dinner at the local hibachi place with neighbor friends.  All kids love hibachi and Lincoln requested a red velvet cake when a "bloody shark cake" fell through at HEB.  I guess the red was close enough to bloody shark. 

Funny pic!  The hat naturally fell down over Lincoln's eyes and Jackson photobombed his candle blowing.

The day we planned Lincoln's party was the first day of a 4 day flood that left us out of school for nearly a week!  The weather was not great and getting worse all the time.  By 4pm, it was getting darker and starting to lightening and thunder.  I considered canceling but I didn't have a backup plan or a way to keep these 3 gallons of ice cream cold so the party must go on!  We had way more guests that I expected to show up considering the weather conditions.  

I had lots of help from this girl and her puppy setting up for the party.

We had an ice cream sundae party complete with all you can eat candy to top it off.  It was a sugar fest for sure!

Want one cherry?  why not?  Sprinkles? sure thing! Topped with chocolate syrup and whipped cream?  Yes, please!

And no kids sundae is complete without gummi bears (yuck, cold hard gummies!)

What on earth will we do with all this left over whipped cream?  Oh, I think I know!

I had single-handedly filled around 300 water balloons and we had a break in the lightening and thunder for juuuuuust long enough to let them run wild with them.  It always amazes me how quickly they disappear.  It took them about 30 seconds to go through 300!  

She's always got the best seat in the house!

I've never been to a party where the sky lit up with "natural" fireworks but that figures for Lincoln.  So many people think he's super special and this was God's way to show off on his birthday celebration.    I was so thankful that everyone came despite the weather. Lincoln was so worried and he had a GREAT time!

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